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4 Inspirational Ways to Gain Perspective in Your Life ...

By Clarrie

Looking for some ways to gain more perspective in your life? For one reason or another, or perhaps a combination of a few different reasons, do you feel like you might have lost a little perspective on your life? Are you finding it hard to see the bigger picture, instead feeling stuck in immediate decisions that you have to make or recent bad news that you can’t seem to recover from? Or perhaps you are so stressed about your career that you have found yourself on the outside of all of the fun social stuff going on around you? Don’t worry, we all get like this sometimes, and there are ways to remedy it. Here are four simple ways to gain more perspective in your life.

1 No More Excuses

Not making excuses is one of the best ways to gain more perspective in your life. When you find that you are in a kind of perpetual and repetitive cycle of unhappiness or dissatisfaction, it is time to stop making excuses for why. Rather than recognising your mood and saying “I’ll make changes soon”, act straight away or this negative funk will become your new normal and it will be even harder to break the chain. You need to remember that you are in charge of your own life, and rather than waiting for changes to happen to you, you need to stand up for yourself and make them yourself.

2 Work out Your Priorities

When you are juggling and coping with 100 different things in your life, it can be very easy to forget which ones started out meaning the most to you. Carrying the weight of tasks and responsibilities that you are not passionate about is a sure fire way to find yourself treading water and down in the dumps, so it’s time to take a minute to organise your priorities. Once you have your life re-centred on what is most important to you rather than what others think should be important, then you can start to gain some much-needed perspective once again.

3 Socialise

If you have lost perspective because you have been more withdrawn than usual recently, then the best way to remedy this is by getting out there and setting up dates with family and friends. Just being around other people who will tell you their own stories and anecdotes about their lives might just be able to show you that not only are you the only person who is going through something at the moment, but you that your individual set of circumstances might not be quite as bad as your mind was trying to tell you.

4 Be Present with Yourself

The worst thing you can do when you are feeling adrift from your life is to go on to autopilot and just let the time pass by with no affirmative action. It might be easier to just check out and let yourself get carried away in to further detachment and unhappiness, but what you really need to do is be as present and honest with yourself as possible. Search for the roots of the feelings that you are having and although they might be difficult to confront, on the other side of that, you just might be able to start making positive changes.

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