Inspiration to Make Every Step Count ...

By Alvina

Inspiration  to Make Every Step  Count  ...

Want to know why you should make every step count? For most life isn’t always a walk in the park and that’s okay. For some of us, it’s more like an uphill hike with a 75-pound ruck on the coldest windiest day that sometimes pushes you back a few steps from time to time. Your back is hurting, your feet are numb from cold, and let’s not even talk about your ears and hands but for whatever reason, this is your path to walk and it absolutely bites. So what do you do when your life has you on this relentless path of misery. You go to your happy place. I know what you’re thinking - there is no way. How do you go to a happy place when experiencing such agony and discomfort? Well, it's simple if you think of where you’re going or where you want to go the entire time.Focus your attention on your destination. That's why you should make every step count.

Life, much like an awful walk under the most horrendous conditions, has a way of pinpointing all our thoughts and emotions in the here and now. We begin to get lost in the pain and discomfort and it consumes us, clouding our vision of what’s next, and more importantly, that we have a say over our what’s next. With every step forward is a step of opportunity toward your dreams, goals, and aspirations. It may not be a walk in the park today, but keep stepping and make every step count. Don't get lost in your pain of the here and now. Instead, get focused on your vision of what’s to come.

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