Embrace Adulthood - 7 Tips for Saying Goodbye to Your past ...

Growing up can be rather sad at times. You have to say goodbye to familiar things from your childhood, and it can be hard to see them go. Your parents may move from the home where you grew up, and you feel you're losing your childhood memories. But memories remain, even if you lose links with material things. Here are some tips to help you say goodbye to your childhood and embrace the adult world …

1. Moving on

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You have to move on into adulthood, whether you like it or not! And there is so much that is positive about it. Accept that life cannot remain static, and that it must move on. Childhood is only one stage in our lives. Let the past go, and be positive about what lies ahead.

2. Keep the Memories

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While few people want to remain a child forever, we do retain a fondness for some aspects of our younger years. And those memories don't have to fade. Keep them in your mind, but don't let them take over. You need to file them away in the past, and enjoy thinking about them. But don't let them become more important than the present, or you won't enjoy your life to the fullest.

3. Rose Tint

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We often have an image of our childhood as being much more perfect than it actually was. That's because as children we're not aware of so many things. Understand that you may have a rose-tinted view of your childhood, and therefore may not be seeing it as it really was. That doesn't mean that it was bad, but it wasn't a fairy tale, so don't get too caught up in a perfect image.

4. Swings & Roundabouts

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Letting go of our childhood can often be difficult because we mourn the loss of a simple life. But it's swings and roundabouts - adult life may be more complicated, but it also brings many rewards. We can make all our own decisions and choices. So enjoy the benefits of being an independent adult and make the most of adult life.

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If your parents are moving away from your childhood home, you can still keep some links with it. Take plenty of photos to remind yourself of it. You could also ask for some of the furniture that they don't want, and refurbish it to make new pieces that you can use in your own home.

6. Letting Go of Negativity

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If your memories of childhood aren't all good, however, start learning to let go of them. By letting go of any anger or bitterness, you'll be able to move on and enjoy life more. Living in the past means that you'll be stuck in a negative mindset, and will thus be allowing past hurt to continue to affect your life.

7. Passing on

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Good aspects of your childhood can be passed on to other people. Perhaps you miss your grandparents, who taught you how to bake or were always kind to people. Use whatever you learned from them and pay it forward; this means that you'll be able to turn that sense of loss into something positive and make it work for you.

Adulthood is challenging but also wonderful, so face it cheerfully and confidently! What is your favorite memory from childhood?

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