Dump the Drama - Melodramatic Traits That'll Make You Unpopular ...

By Valencia

You may think you're a calm and likable person, but if you possess a few melodramatic traits, you might be alienating your friends and family without realizing it. Most people don't have the patience to deal with a drama queen or king. For that matter, you owe it to yourself to recognize melodramatic traits you possess – traits that can make you unpopular.

1 Stop Turning Little Issues into Big Ones

Everyone's has a melodramatic moment from time to time, these are usually tolerable and easily forgiven by peers. But if you're constantly being melodramatic, your friends might lose their patience. And one of the biggest ways to determine if you're a drama queen is to consider whether you're always turning little issues into big ones. If nothing can ever roll off your shoulder, and if you're always reading in between the lines trying to prove others are out to get you, this type of behavior not only makes you unpopular, but unlikable.

2 Do You Exaggerate Actual Events?

A little exaggeration is harmless. But if you're always exaggerating actual events when storytelling or reflecting on your day, others will begin to question your honesty, and they might stop believing every word that leaves your mouth. As a result, when you actually have something interesting and wonderful to share, they'll think it's nothing more than another one of your elaborate, exaggerated stories.

3 Quit Turning on the Water Works

Crying at the drop of a dime whenever things don't go your way is not only childish but it's a clear sign of being a drama queen. Melodramatic people turn on the water works in order to manipulate or get their way. This might work in the beginning, but your friends and family will eventually catch on.

4 Always Complaining about Your Life

Nobody enjoys a perfect existence, and there's at least one thing most of us would change about our lives. There's nothing wrong with venting to a few close friends from time to time. But always complaining about your life, or always having a sob story gets annoying after a while.

5 Stop Making Your Situation Look Worse than Others

There is nothing more frustrating than people who make every conversation about them. You know what I'm talking about. If you're talking about your bad day or issues, these people start talking about themselves and compare their situations to yours. In every incident, their situation is always worse than yours. Does this sound like you? If so, maybe it's time to be more empathetic and realize it's not always about you.

6 Stop Trying to Be the Center of Attention

As a melodramatic person, you might do anything possible to always be the center of attention. This might include monopolizing conversations, or trying to upstage someone on their big day. For example, if you're attending a wedding or a graduation to celebrate someone else's success, don't use this as a platform to make an announcement about yourself that could take the focus off the other person and put it on you.

7 Realize You Don't Have to Control Everything

As a drama king or queen, you might also be a control freak. Maybe you like to decide where you and your friends hang out every weekend, and if things don't go your way, you have a mini meltdown or tantrum.

Being melodramatic might seem cute, and you might argue this is your personality, but this behavior can annoy others and make you unpopular. What other melodramatic traits do we need to ditch?

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