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7 so-Called Personality Flaws That Will Create Success ...

By Corina

If people usually call you eccentric or different that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. We usually tend to think of personality traits as good or bad, but the truth is that there are a lot of shades of grey. Things are not always so cut and dry. Even though there are people who won’t agree with you or people who will even get angry with some of the things that you do, you shouldn’t let them get you down. A lot of wonderful people in history have had these so-called flaws and they’ve done some great and pretty amazing things. Here are 7 so-called personality flaws that will cause success:

1 You Get Obsessed with Things Easily

Even though obsessions can get dangerous if they get out of hand, being obsessed with something can also work as a powerful force that will help reach your goals. It will motivate you to work hard, to make sacrifices and to never give up pursuing your dreams. So if you’re obsessed with something like music, poetry, acting, this so-called personality flaw can help you be successful.

2 You Are Stubborn

If you are stubborn and you refuse to quit easily, you shouldn’t worry because precisely these qualities will help you persevere and work hard to reach all your goals. Usually, unsuccessful people give up way too easily when they hit a bump in the road or when they fail at something. That fact that you are willing to continue the fight is a good thing.


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3 You Have Introverted Tendencies

Even though society now days is extravert focused, if you have some introverted tendencies, that’s not a bad thing. Introverts have a lot of great qualities that will help them be successful. They are good listeners, they are deep thinkers and they usually come up with creative solutions to all kinds of problems since they consider multiple points of view before making a decision.

4 You Care Less about What People Think

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask for feedback. Just don’t let other people’s opinions influence your judgment and prevent you from following your dreams and aspirations. The only person that can make you happy sometimes is you. Do more of the things you enjoy and don’t let others discourage you when it comes to pursuing your goals.

5 Some People Think You Are Selfish

You usually put yourself and your time first in a manner that some people might call selfish. You know that your most valuable asset is time and not money and you are not afraid of saying no sometimes. Even though it’s good to help others, you must make time for yourself every now and then, so you’ll be able to chase your own dreams.

6 You See the Positive in Everything

It’s healthy to focus on the positive things in life and sometimes, to shrink the negative ones. Yet, assuming that things are okay when they need to be taken care of is not recommended. But, if you are able to focus on all the positives and on all the opportunities you get, then you’re one step closer to success. Successful people process challenging situations, then know how to turn them into a positive ones and they take affirmative action.

7 You Are Meticulous

Whatever you do, you are usually a bit over-prepared. People even say that you over-complicate a bit and sometimes this is true. You get a bit anxious before doing important things and you plan everything very carefully to the last detail because you don’t want to forget anything.

Having these so-called personality flaws won’t make you the life of the party sometimes but they will help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. Do you know any other so-called personality flaws that will cause success? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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