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Do you ever count your blessings? We live in a world that values material possessions above anything else, but many of the things we are fortunate enough to have in our lives are not tangible. So even if you think you're not well off, you probably have a lot of blessings in your life - such as the following!

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Friends truly are one of the best things that can ever happen to you. If you have genuine friendships then you are blessed. If you don't get on with your family (as they say, you can choose your friends but not your family!), friends become even more important. We all need people in our lives that we can depend on, so cherish your real friends - they will always be there for you.


Embrace the joy and support that friendships bring into your life. Whether it's someone to share belly laughs with over coffee or a confidant during times of strife, friends are the family we create for ourselves. They reflect back to us parts of who we are, and we grow together, learning from our shared experiences. These relationships provide a unique bond, giving us strength and a sense of belonging. Never underestimate the power of a friend who can also be a cheerleader, a counselor, and a partner in crime. True friendships stand the test of time and life's challenges, making them treasures to hold dear.


Good Health

If you're lucky enough to have good health then you're lucky indeed. There are plenty of people who have health problems through no fault of their own, and who wish they were as lucky as you. So make the most of your good health and do your best to stay that way, by eating well and keeping active.


Maintaining your well-being is like cultivating a precious garden; it demands attention and care. Take joy in the simple acts that sustain your body – a brisk walk under the open sky or a hearty laugh with friends. Regular check-ups, mindful relaxation, and a balanced diet are your trusted tools for preserving this treasure. Remember, poise and vitality radiate from within; they're the unsung melodies of a life well-lived, making every moment a chance to thrive and inspire. Cherish your health, and it will surely cherish you back.



If you do get on well with your family, you have yet another blessing in your life. Family should be the people you can rely on the most (sadly not everyone has unconditional love and support from their family. So if you have a loving family, appreciate them and value everything they bring to your life.



Did you complain when you had to go to school? Did it seem boring? Girls in some countries have to fight for the right to be educated, so be grateful that you had the chance for a school and college education. And learning doesn't have to stop there; you can continue to study and learn informally throughout your life.



21st-century women have so many opportunities open to us, unlike previous generations. We have endless entertainment, employment prospects, the chance to travel and enjoy a multitude of hobbies. Sometimes we don't appreciate the opportunities we have, simply because there are so many of them and we don't have to fight for them.



Do you worry about your looks, or think you're not attractive? Physical beauty is subjective, and anyway it doesn't last, so don't value it too highly. Instead, appreciate the beauty of the world around you, and the beauty of people's characters. These things are so much more important and will last a lot longer. Chances are there are people who admire you for your inner attributes.



We're lucky enough to enjoy security in many countries; we don't have the worries that people in poorer or war-torn countries have. Although we shouldn't feel guilty about that (it's not our fault if other people are worse off than us), we should appreciate that we are fortunate enough to be safe and secure.

So every one of us has things in our life that we are fortunate enough to have - and these things are so much more valuable than anything that has a price label. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have these things, as it's easy to forget about them. What do you value most in your life?

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Friendship, education, opportunities available to me in my area and caring for the environment.

I value my life and also everything that helps me become a better person like my family and most of all our Almighty God.

Sorry to be negative but what do you say about yourself when you only have two of them.

The wonderful support of my family in times of ill health and for always being there for me. Two sisters(in their 80's ) and my three wonderful daughters( all married with families) plus great friends both young and old long standing ones of 40-62 yrs.

OK this is a sensible article and very true. I can't say much by saying that it is so true.

La familia 1st & before All else EXCEPT GOD!

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