20 Clever Ways πŸ€“ to Help You Be a Quick ⏱ Thinker πŸ’­ ...

Do you wish you didn't prevaricate so much? Are you able to make decisions in a flash or does that not feel natural? Brain boosting activities improve your mental acuity, enhancing memory, concentration, focus, and understanding - all the ingredients for sound and fast decision making. Feeling inspired to improve your brain? Then it's time to get to work on this list, produced with thanks to parade.com.

1. Get Moving

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Starting moderate aerobic exercise, at any age, will absolutely help protect brain health,” says Peter J. Snyder, professor of neurology at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. β€œRecent research has convincingly shown us that a regular program (such as fast-paced walking for 30 minutes, three times per week), for just six months, leads to the growth of brain cells and their connections in parts of the brain that are critically important for learning and memory.”

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