A Short Story How to Find the Hero inside Yourself ...

By Zelma •

A Short Story  How to Find the Hero inside Yourself ...

I found a group of people different from me. I wanted to run and hide because these people did not come up the way I was raised. I’m now out of my comfort zone. But it took over a year to discover that running wasn’t the solution because they would not leave me alone. I had to learn to be me. That is to fall back upon what my differences were to embrace them in spite of the difference and not lose my identity. This is what I call finding the hero within me - by choosing to say no to their lifestyles and continue to embrace my own. So here's the question: how to find the hero inside yourself? Keep reading.

Not allowing myself to be led down a road of uncomfortability was one step. I was being asked to participate in things that were not a part of me, which was leading to unhappiness. These choices would have killed my identity, they were making me unhappy, uneasy with my spirit and killing my hopes and dreams.

So by choosing to be my own hero, I have found myself.

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