Beyond Awesome Habits to Develop for Girls Who Want to Be Determined Go-Getters ...


Beyond Awesome Habits to Develop for Girls Who Want to Be Determined Go-Getters ...
Beyond Awesome Habits to Develop for Girls Who Want to Be Determined Go-Getters ...

We all want the same things in life: To be happy, successful, and healthy 🍑 with food 🍢 in our bellies. But the road there isn't always easy to get through. Sometimes, being a twenty-something is hard. And one 1️⃣ day, when you weren't looking, you made this quick transition from being a student whose biggest worry was handing in your report on time 🕐 to an adult with stress 😓 as a 24-hour job. Life would be so much easier to navigate if it came with a manual. But even though trying to make our dreams happen can be super stressful, it isn't impossible. The key 🔑 to being successful is starting with small victories.

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🙅 Put down Your Phone, Stat 📵!

product, writing, cup, brand, document, Being productive is hard when we spend so much time 🕟 refreshing our Facebook feeds and messing around with Snapchat filters. That's why you should avoid distractions like the plague!


Come up with a to-do List ✅ and Follow through

product, brand, Mother, creativity, greatest, Having your goals outlined on paper 📋 makes them seem that much more concrete and achievable. That way, you'll be able to see what you've already accomplished and what is still standing in your way of achieving your goal.


While You're at It, Share Your Goals with Someone else 👍

clothing, footwear, jeans, leather, denim, When the burden gets too heavy, let someone else help you carry your load. Share your checklist with a friend so they can make sure you're holding yourself accountable. You're more likely to commit to your list and routine if someone else is checking up that you do.


Always Be Thankful 😌 for What You Have

hair, clothing, person, black hair, lady, Chances are you wouldn't be where you are right now without help from a few people along the way. Always stay humble and be grateful that you've made it this far with such an amazing support system 💓.


Set up a Daily 📅 Routine and Hold 📞 Yourself Accountable

writing, art, brand, design, document, Getting into the habit of following something as simple as a morning 🌄 routine can improve your day 🌞 in many ways. For starters, it'll help you stay more focused and motivate you to complete your goals.


Now's the Time 🕜 for You to Start Making Connections

white, clothing, textile, outerwear, interaction, It's important to venture out of your comfort zone and meet new people; you never know what opportunities will come knocking on your door. Linkedin is a great tool 👌 to connect with people in your desired field.


First Impressions Are Everything 💁

clothing, denim, footwear, fashion, jeans, Before you start connecting with people, think about the image you want to put out there. What do you want people 🚸 to know about you? How will you get your commitment to your aspirations across?


Always Keep Learning 👓

product, glasses, brand, hand, pattern, The pursuit of knowledge 📗 is the best way to elevate yourself. Do some research 🖥 on how you can get ahead in your field. Stay hungry, never stop 🙅 learning 📒 about the way that the world 🌏 works.


Don't Let Jealousy 💚 Get in the Way of Your Greatness

hair, face, person, black hair, nose, Don't let disappointment that everyone else is further ahead or you aren't where you want to be distract you from your greatness. You aren't there YET. You still have time.


Remember Balance is Everything 🙌

photograph, clothing, image, human positions, photography, Don't forget to celebrate 🎉 your accomplishments thus far. Give yourself some credit, girl!

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