10 Quotes about Body Positivity from Ariana Grande ...


10 Quotes about Body Positivity from Ariana Grande ...
10 Quotes about Body Positivity from Ariana Grande ...

These great quotes from Ariana Grande are perfect for women needing a boost of confidence! Do you have a favourite quote from this list?

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"Don't Ever Doubt Yourselves or Waste a Second of Your Life. It's Too Short, and You're Too Special"

text, font, product, line, diagram, If there's one person we should always believe in it's ourselves! This is especially true when we feel as though no one else believes in us or has given up on us. We must never give up on ourselves because are our own support system, that's how we get through the hard times solely independently.


"Be Happy with Being You. Love Your Flaws. Own Your Quirks. and Know That You Are Just as Perfect as Anyone else, Exactly as You Are"

human action, text, font, biology, line, We should always be proud of who we are and stop negative thinking patterns such as feeling like we need to be better in whichever way. We are all a certain way for a reason, so be proud to call yourself a unique individual!


"I Think It's so Important for Girls to Love Themselves and to Treat Their Bodies Respectfully"

text, font, brand, logo, screenshot, Growing up in a society where there's pressure from all kinds of directions (social media plays a major role in this in particular), it's easy for young girls and young women to compare themselves to others, forgetting to love themselves for who they are.

Although society may not be helping to stop this common issue, we can choose to fight against it and remember why we're special and lovable in our own unique way.


I Don't Feel Much Pressure to Fit in. I Never Have. I've Always Just Wanted to do My Thing. I Have Really Good Friends and Good Family, and if I Don't Fit in Somewhere else, I Fit in at Home"

human action, text, person, font, biology, Don't spend your life feeling like you must 'fit in' somewhere. The truth is that we're all different and have the ability to follow our own path in this world.

Focus on what makes you feel alive, driven with passion and motivation...then keep doing this! You'll always be at your happiest when you're doing what you love.


I Worked with Someone Who Told Me They'd Never like Me. but for Some Reason, I Just Felt like I Needed Her Approval. so I Started Changing Myself to Please Her. It Made Me Stop Being Social and Friendly. I Was so Unhappy"

human action, text, person, font, biology, We can never please everyone else and it would be both silly and impossible to even try. The truth is that we don't need to please anyone else in this world, and if you do try to do this, you will be unhappy and constantly feel like you're not good enough when in fact you were from the very beginning.

Don't feel as though you need to change anything about yourself for other people, they will either accept you for who you truly are or not, but that decision truly doesn't affect you so don't make it a priority!


The Best Fashion Advice I'd Say Would Be Just to do What Makes You Comfortable and What Makes You Feel Cute, and That's How You're Gonna Look Your Best 'cause when You Feel Your Best, Everybody else Can Feel It, Too"

text, font, handwriting, biology, line, We look our best when we're wearing clothes we love and feel comfortable in! Doing this actually gives us way more confidence than if we're wearing something we feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in.

Your style is completely yours so wear whatever makes you feel the best and who cares about the rest?!


If Anything, We Should Feel Sorry for the People Who Want Us to Feel Bad about Ourselves, Because They Are the Ones Struggling for Approval. in Middle School, Bullies Tortured Other Kids Because They Thought It Would Make People like Them More"

human action, text, font, screenshot, brand, It's true that people who are constantly bullying others are actually the ones with the most issues at the end of the day. Bullies think that pretending to be strong is what others are attracted to and therefore use this kind of behaviour for personal gain, but the truth is that others don't see it the same way.

Other people see someone who wants approval and is going about achieving it in the wrong way. It's much easier to see people for who they truly are when you're not directly involved, since you are able to have more clarity and better judgement.


"Everyone is Beautiful, Everyone is Perfect, and Everyone is Lovely."

human action, text, font, diagram, brand, This quote is absolutely epic because it's so true! One person may see flaws but another may see them as absolutely gorgeous. There's always something to love about yourself and to find to love in others. If the world thought a little more like this, we probably wouldn't have so many of the issues that we do today.


"Never Give up on Something You Love."

human action, text, font, product, diagram, Always always always make sure to chase your dreams. The confidence you gain from accomplishing something you've always set your mind to is absolutely wonderful. You will feel so much better knowing you never gave up and you've done something you love doing. Fame didn't come for her overnight, and I'm sure it's so much more rewarding knowing she worked for it versus if it had been handed to her.


"Don't Ever Doubt Yourselves or Waste a Second of Your Life. It's Too Short and You're Too Special."

text, font, product, line, diagram, This one is pretty self explanatory. Always trust your gut because it's usually right, and don't feel like you can't do something because can. You are special more than you may realize and there are people in this world who see it. People you will meet in the future who will appreciate it. We aren't guaranteed time on this earth so cherish it and always be you!

Don't you just love Ariana Grande even more now that you hear how positive she is towards others?!

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