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How to Find Your Personal "Pot of Gold" ...

By Cris

As a child, we were told that the pot of gold is found at the end of the rainbow. As a young adult, I learned that the phrase shouldn't be taken literally but should be viewed as inspiring symbolism to anyone who works hard to achieve his or her dreams. How a person defines his/her pot of gold is all up to him/her. Whether it's intangible (e.g. love or honor) or tangible (e.g. cellphone, house), the person has to decide on making it happen. Here are seven steps that will help you in finding your very own pot of gold:

1 Believe That It Exists

You will never find the pot of gold if you don't believe that it exists. Everything starts with a strong faith that something you want is there waiting for you to come and get it. Say it loudly and with conviction: "The pot of gold exists and I'm going to find it!"

2 Make It a Goal to Find It

If you want it, you make it a goal to find it by prioritizing it among all other things. What is your pot of gold? Is it finishing college within four years? Is it being able to travel around Europe by the end of the year? When you have your eyes on your pot of goal, focus on getting it. Make it happen!

3 Map out Your Plan

I like people with bucket lists, to-do lists, and travel lists. That means they have determined their pots of gold. The next step is to answer the question: how am I going to achieve them? When I wanted to graduate with honors, I had one big plan: STUDY HARD. Its okay if there are a few detours (say occasional nights outs, get heavily drunk, make a fool of yourself) but be sure that you are still following the essence of the plan. Don't stray too far.

4 Work on It

A lot of things are great on paper, but it's a different ballgame when you actually do it. It can be exhausting. When this happens, remember your goal. Always go back to your goal when difficult times drag you down and force you to give up. Make your goal - your pot of gold - the very reason why you are inspired and motivated to keep on going.

5 Don't Stop on First Try

Some people are lucky that they earn their pot of gold on the first try. But for many of us, it doesn't happen that way. That's what I like about athletes. How many times are they injured, humiliated, and crushed? A million times! The ones who have achieved their dreams - of winning an Olympic medal, for instance - are those who decided to press on and work harder. In the end, they succeeded.

6 Enjoy the Journey

Sometimes, the pot of gold that you've been looking for is not in the destination that you have initially planned out and then, worked for. The pot of gold can be the journey itself. So ... enjoy every moment of your journey. When you feel tired, rest - get a massage, hang out with friend, or eat whatever you fancy. Reward yourself. You deserve it.

7 Look for Another Pot

It's wrong to believe that there is only one, single pot. There are so many of them and each pot is unique, bringing with it so many exciting stories and possibilities. You will always find it if you keep a willing mind and an open heart.

What is your ‘pot of gold’?

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