8 Ways to Encourage Yourself That Will Never Fail ...

Need to know some good ways to encourage yourself? You’re not alone! Many people like to encourage themselves, especially during hard times. It always helps to have a shoulder to lean on, but whether you have support from friends or not, sometimes we still have to cheer ourselves on. So here are my top ways to encourage yourself for moments or days when you need a little extra push!

1. Play Your Favorite Music

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One of the easiest and most uplifting ways to encourage yourself is by playing your favorite music! It could be something that relaxes you, something that pumps you up, or a tune with a great beat. Music is nice because you can play it just about anywhere you are with the help of earphones!

2. Be Proud of Yourself

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It’s ok to feel proud of your accomplishments! Whether it’s finishing school, losing 20 pounds, or getting everything done on your to-do list, you should be able to feel satisfied with yourself. Self-esteem is a big part of feeling encouraged. If you have low self-esteem, it’s easy to be down-and-out.

3. Put up Reminders

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A great idea for staying encouraged is to put up reminders in places that you will see them. Write notes to yourself and tape them on your bathroom mirror. Or place pictures of things you are aspiring to accomplish on your fridge. Even putting up pictures of loved ones' faces can be a reminder to just make it through another day!

4. Be Healthy

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Your health has a lot to do with how your spirits fare. Someone who doesn’t drink enough water, skates by on minimal sleep, and eats fast food every day just isn’t going to feel as great as someone who exercises regularly, eats wholesome meals, and gets a full night's sleep every night. Try to be healthy and change lifestyle habits just to see if it makes a difference!

5. Be a “do-gooder”

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Why not do a good deed? Often, when we take the focus off of ourselves and place it on someone else, it can make you feel even better than if you spent a whole day at the spa! Putting others before ourselves releases hormones that give you a boost in the “feel-good” department, thus encouraging you along the way!

6. Spend Time around People Who Make You Feel Good

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When you’re really feeling blue, nothing can encourage you like spending some time with loved ones and friends! You don’t even need to let them know that you’re feeling low in spirits if you don’t want to. But just hanging out together, laughing, and cutting up can give you a much brighter perspective than you had before.

7. Have a Sense of Humor

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You might be surprised at how having a sense of humor can get you through the darkest days. Being able to laugh at yourself or at a situation is a good sign that you don’t let anything get you down, no matter how tough it may be!

8. Keep a Journal

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Keeping a journal is great in more ways than one. It provides you with an outlet for your feelings, but more than that, it’s a good way to judge personal growth. You can see how far you’ve come, mistakes you have learned from, and progress you’ve made in certain areas.

Encouraging yourself is an essential part of self-acceptance and motivation to carry on. Stresses of life can bring you down, but if you do little things to stay encouraged, you won’t be hampered by a bad day or a rough week. What are your tips for staying encouraged along the way?

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