7 Ways to Open Your Creative Mind and Unleash Your Creativity ...


I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative in many aspects of their lives and there are ways to open your creative mind, so that you can accomplish more and become more creative.

As Steve Jobs said, "Creativity is just connecting things!" Maybe you’re not in an industry that uses the right side of your brain - the side considered to be your portal of creativity, or you've not had much chance to develop your creative mind.

Whichever it is, below are a few ways to open your creative mind and tap into that amazing source of energy!

1. Experiment

One of the best ways to open your creative mind is by experimenting.

When you think about it, there are so many ways to do something.

I read somewhere that there are approximately 247 ways to wash dishes, something routine like that!

If any of you have ever traveled extensively, you've probably noticed that each place you've visited has a certain style about it.

Human beings are the same but we all have our own style and our own way of doing something.

Just do it.

Try that something you've been thinking about and see what happens.

By using your own unique expression and by doing something which only you can do, the world will become richer and in the meantime, you'll develop your own style, your art!

2. Find Your Muse

For some people, a muse is something that comes easily, and for others it's a struggle.

Try exploring your world on your way to work and think about something you know nothing about!

Choose an inanimate object or something complex, then learn how it works, moves, how it sits, what it does in relation to something else.

Learn all you can about it and explore the world through its eyes.

Let the object give you the ideas to build your muse.

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