8 Tips to Make Life More Enjoyable That I Learned from Therapy ...


We all have our dark, bleak phases that seem like they'll never end.

Guest contributor Alyssa's post will help you see the bright side of life, even when it feels like there's no hope.

Thanks so much for the inspiration Alyssa!

During my freshman year of high school I went through a dark period of stress, depression, and anxiety.

It was very difficult for me to find happiness in everyday life.

I was living in a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel was not a gleaming light, but only darkness.

So, my mother took me to a therapist.

With that experience, I have learned the incredible tricks and trades of life.

Life is not always easy and is certainly not perfect, but there are ways to add sunshine to your days.

These lessons I have learned can be applied to everyday life, for the rest of your life.

1. All Relationships Are Different

By this, I mean that you have to treat each relationship different.

This does not mean treating people unequal.

It just means that some family relationships, friends, and romantic relationships need to be handled different.2

You cannot always act the same way with everyone.2

Some people thrive on drama and you may have to be a bit more dramatic with them;

others may be chaotic and require someone to be more stable for them.

Find out how the people in your relationships respond and react and you will be able to tailor how you react and make life a little less difficult.

2. Breathe

During my freshman year I had frequent panic attacks.

These panic attacks were extremely scary.

I felt light-headed and was gasping for air.

My therapist told me that breathing correctly can prevent having an anxiety attack.2

The correct way to breathe is to take a deep breath of air in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Try it!

If you don’t breathe this way, which many do not, breathe how you normally do.

Then try the correct way.

The amount of oxygen you’re taking in is a huge difference!3

This means more oxygen for your brain and that will allow you to slow down and process more clearly.

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