3 Essential Tools for Getting through Life ...


3 Essential Tools for Getting through Life ...
3 Essential Tools for Getting through Life ...

There are some essential tools for life that we all need. One of my favorite films in cinema history is the Wizard of Oz. I am so fascinated by the fact that the characters in this musical fantasy are missing, and searching for 3 things that we all have naturally. Although we all have a brain, heart, and courage we seldom maximize the functionality of these powerful tools.

As you travel down the yellow brick road of life here are three essential tools for life that you need to hang on to.

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No Brain, No Gain

Allow your brain to support you in making positive decisions and choices. Your brain is the mastermind of creativity, imagination, and endless possibilities. Depend on logic when it comes to both personal, and business matters. Use your brain to think through issues, situations, and circumstances. Your brain is one of the most essential tools for life.


To Have a Heart

A heart that has the ability to give and receive love is priceless. While being the most delicate organ in the body, I’m sure your heart has had its share of bumps and bruises. We have all given love to someone who didn’t deserve it. We have all experienced heartbreak and heartache to some degree. The most amazing characteristic of the heart is its ability to heal. Never stop believing in the power of love. Be the love you want and deserve.


Courage is the Cure

Each time I think about the timid lion, I am reminded that many of us have yet to discover how powerful we are. Walking in fear is more comfortable than walking with courage. It is courage that demands you stand up and to take a risk. It is only courage that can overcome fear. Failure will always be the result if you don’t have the courage to try. So go ahead and let them hear you roar!

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