Inspirational 🌟 Reasons Why ❓❔ You Shouldn't 🚫 Say Can't ...


I'm here to share with you why you shouldn't say can't. In the last year and a half, I have really come to hate the word β€œcan’t”. I despise that word for one main reason and all the things the word can do to your life. I would rather hear my 4-year-old daughter drop the F-bomb.

Don't ever use the word. It isn’t needed unless it's to describe something physically impossible to do like fly, or shoot lasers out of your eyes. And here is why you shouldn’t say can't.

1. It's Limiting

The word only limits what you can do if you put forth the effort to succeed. There is no way to succeed if you truly think you can’t. When you say that about yourself, you’re basically just putting a limit on how much you actually want your goal to be completed or not.

You are guaranteed to fail if you say you can't. Have you ever heard any of rich corporate billionaires say they can’t? No. They believed in themselves even when others doubted them. And that's why you shouldn't say can't.

Others Already Doubt
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