You Are Not Alone Reasons Why Suicide is Not an Option ...


You Are Not Alone Reasons Why Suicide is Not an Option ...
You Are Not Alone Reasons Why Suicide is Not an Option ...

I'm here to tell you why suicide is not an option. I honestly don’t care how bad you have it, I guarantee you I can find someone else somewhere on the planet that has it worse. First thing’s first on suicide, it isn’t an option and that isn’t just my opinion. I know you think it is, especially if you are having thoughts, but it really isn’t. If you believe in eternal life like I do, then you believe your soul really doesn’t die at all. So, when you decide you are done with your body and the rest of what this earth has to offer and you decide to end it, remember before pulling the trigger, it’s just not your time because you absolutely don’t get the option to make that critical decision in your life’s journey. You don’t decide your time to leave like you don’t decide your time to come.

There is one thing you do have in common with the person who has it the worst on the planet. You were born the same way, knowing nothing and learning everything about what is good and bad. Then we form our own opinions as adults and we are given options on how to live. When we die naturally, we die the same way as well, hearts stop, and our opinions mean nothing, and our options are a thing of the past. So, what is it all for?

I believe it is all for the learning experience. How we handled what life presented us and how we impacted others along the way is what our souls are left with to review when the body goes cold. These are the moments that make us who we are and define the laws of karma that are attached to our personal journey.

So that is why suicide is just not an option. It’s not your choice to make and trust me, I think if you do try it and succeed, you may just come back quickly to a life that is even harder than the one you left behind. Improve the one you have and don’t test my theory. You have the option to live but you don’t have the option to die. Death is part of our fate, it can come young, it can come old, and believe me it will come and probably when you finally don’t want it to.

In the meantime, you may be having sad or suicidal thoughts, or you may be going through a mighty struggle. Remember, you are never alone! Feeling isolated is one of the leading causes of suicide so make sure you reach out for help and do not feel scared, ashamed or guilty. It’s ok to feel the way you feel, you just can’t act on it.

You must choose life because that is your only choice! Here are avenues to use for seeking help. Save this article and share it with ALL your friends and family. Pay this message forward and save a life! Here's why suicide is not an option.

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Make a Call

Call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 800-273-8255 for 24/7 support if you are feeling suicidal. They have the resources to help and will help you figure out why suicide is not an option.


Send a Text

If you’re too afraid to call, then send a text to 741741 to have a text exchange with a crisis worker. This too is offered 24/7.


This site is designed to support people who are feeling just like you, check it out or others of its kind!


Consider Finding a Good Therapist or Joining a Support Group

Either of these that relate to what you are struggling with can help immensely. Make sure you are comfortable with the group or person you choose. If you aren’t, keep looking until you find a good fit.


Volunteer for a Group That May Be Needier than You

Helping others who need more help than you can shine a light on just how good you do have it.


Create a Gratitude Journal and Write Three Things You Are Thankful for in It Each Night

There are always three things to be grateful for, even on your worst days. One is you are alive, two is you made it through another day and three, tomorrow will be better since today was so bad.

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