This is Why It's Better to Be a Woman than a Man ...


This is Why It's Better to Be a Woman than a Man ...
This is Why It's Better to Be a Woman than a Man ...

Wondering why it's better to be a woman? Easy! Women! Ah, women! We are some pretty darn powerful people don't you think so? We are such natural born fighters it's no wonder men love us so much. History shows us just how amazing we really are!

Susan B. Anthony was the organizer of the 19th century women's movement AND fought for women's right to vote.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel peace prize.

We cannot forget about Ella Fitzgerald who was a 12 Grammy award winner, and one of the best jazz singers of all time.

We are talented, and have many accomplishments. Though, it is not just our ability to display our many talents, but it is also in who we are. So, if you do not know why it's better to be a woman, especially in this day and age - these 4 amazing reasons will make you feel empowered and proud!

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We Have the Power of Multiplication

eyewear, sunglasses, vision care, beauty, glasses, Of course we all know the analogy, "Men are the head, but women are the neck." We are the rotation to every decision; meaning we contemplate everything before we make a final say so. Our power in multiplying is poetry in itself. If someone buys groceries, we make it dinner. A man gives us a seed we give him a baby. If our man is down, we give him love.

(Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with any form of feminism or what the proper place for a woman should be.)

We should not try to fight against our gift simply because other people cannot see it. Some gifts that a man has are only God given that us women cannot touch and vice versa. We have that power of multiplying our capacity to love through strength and through honor. When we love, we love hard.


Our Ability to Move on Makes Men Tremble

lingerie, undergarment, fashion model, shoulder, joint, From personal experience, I have this co-worker who 100% respects all women. We got into a deep and intimate conversation about the opposite sex and things we love. One thing he told me that no man ever wants us to know, is that men know just how amazing we really are. From his own words, he told me this... "I think a man is truly afraid to tell a woman how much they really love her simply because, he is afraid. Let's just say things don't work out, and the man has already told the woman he loves her. He knows that a woman has the ability to move on quicker than he can, and would rather save himself the heartbreak."

Now if you ask me, I think if a man really loves you, then he will take that leap of faith to love you. If there were only two people left on earth, what do you think would happen if they met each other? Of course they would tell one another that they love each other. Well yeah... simply because they are the last two people on earth. We human beings were not designed to be alone. But if you are in a crowd of people, and the one you love push past thousands of people, and worked diligently just to tell you he loves you, then that is one I love you that is completely worth it.


We Have the Ability to Emotionally Connect

hand, photography, finger, girl, fun, Last but certainly not least is our ability to love deeply. Some men even have trouble looking into our eyes just because they show depth. Women never look into someone's eyes for no reason. We always try to make a connection to understand and nurture the pain whenever it is needed.


We Nurture like No Other Being

footwear, shoulder, trunk, joint, abdomen, One of my favorite gifts of a woman is her ability to nurture. That is a God given that no man can ever obtain. A man can try to understand the nurturing aspect of a woman, but never fully embody it. All of the time I see women fighting against their natural gifts of being a woman. You can be your natural born gift and still be a pilot, a singer, a doctor, a soldier, and everything else. We cannot simply forget the power we have in ourselves to care for those around us. Women are love, that is truly who we are.

What do you see as woman's greatest gift?

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