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Who I Am Does Not Define Me. but What I do Defines Who I Am ...

By Curtis

Did you know that what you do, defines you? Who are you? What are you? What do you want to be? What do you want to do? Who will you become?

These are the questions we constantly ask ourselves every moment of our lives. But do we really have a definite answer to these questions? I believe we do. Because what you do, defines you.

The funny story of how I came across this wonderful title idea was when I was watching the movie on DVD called "Batman Begins" with actors: Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Katy Holmes, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Nelson as Raz Al Ghoul (the villain). When I first heard Batman say, “Who I am does not define me. But what I do, defines who I am”, it caught my attention. But as I watched the movie four more times (don't judge me), I realized what Batman was implying.

How often do we judge other people falsely, including ourselves? How often do we preach about who we are based off what we have? The truth of the matter is that what you do defines who you are. We are quick to judge a person by their appearance but feel low when their conduct shows differently. I have been both a victim and an accuser in this situation. The fact is, we should be judging the actions of an individual, and not by appearance, for a great man once said, "appearances can be deceiving."

I have given speeches in Toastmasters referring to this subject. Why may you ask? Because we consistently see people as one way, but what people do defines who they really are. I can tell all you readers my accomplishments and failures in life, but what I say will not define me (but it's a good story). But what I do with the knowledge of my past experiences, will tell you more than mere words could.

So, before you pop off with "I'm this" or "I'm that" because "you got this" and "you got that", check yourself. Do you really think what you tell someone who you are because of what you got or how you got it will matter? Or do you believe what you do from that point forward tell them who you exactly are? Become what you do in order to define who you are.

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