Pain Doesn't Last Forever ...


Pain Doesn't Last Forever  ...
Pain Doesn't Last Forever  ...

Pain doesn't last forever

The thing about pain,
Is it won't last forever,
But with time it gets better,
The thing about scars,
Is they all start to fade,
Until nothing is left,
Of the cuts that were made,
The thing about today,
Is there's always tomorrow
And if you can't find your smile,
I have one you can borrow,
The thing about help,
Is beside you it stands,
But it won't know it's needed,
Unless you reach out your hand,
The thing about love,
Is, you can't feel it's touch,
Until you let someone know,
That this world is too much.
This poem from Erin Hanson teaches us about trying to get through troubles in life that are quite hard to endure, those pains that crush you down. The heartaches that tore you in pieces, that bursting feeling that you want to be let out but scared to say, it takes courage to ask for help, but you need to be brave when necessary. The thing about seasons, they always change if you give it time. When you learn to accept the things you cannot change and do your best to make things better, it is where you win. People judge. Who cares? It's your life and most likely the people who push you down never help you with a thing, people think according to what they hear or see and don't have any idea of what you have been through. It is the journey that makes the difference. It gets scary but take a leap, tell the people that you love that you love them and if it's hard to say, then show it. Reach out if you have to, so that the people that love you will know, there is no way of knowing what you've been through if you don't say it. Dr. Suess said, "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."And there is nothing more rewarding than your own discovery along the way, the things you learn, the people you meet, the small and big moments that compose your journey. When you get to open the next chapter of your life, you can say to yourself " I'm proud of me."

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