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The Characteristics All Resilient People Have ...

By Karen

Knowing the characteristics of resilient people can really help you. Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows individuals to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Cultivation of a resilient character can turn failure into success. A resilient person will not give up and finds a way to recover from adversity. According to mental health professionals Steven and Sybil Wolin, the key characteristics of resilient people are:

1 Insight

You need to develop the ability to ask yourself tough questions and answer them honestly. Insight is one of the most important characteristics of resilient people.

2 Independence

A resilient person is self-reliant and can bounce back into life.


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3 Initiative

Resilience requires the ability to take charge of a situation or problem. And you need to stand up and do whatever is necessary to get back on course.

4 Creativity

With resilience, you are able to look at a situation and creatively determine the best way out.

5 Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is important when you are trying to turn your life around. Take your goals seriously, but be able to laugh at yourself and your circumstances.

6 Optimism

Being an optimist is more than looking on the bright side. It is a way of viewing the world where you maximize your strengths and accomplishments and minimize your weaknesses and setbacks. Developing a more optimistic worldview can help you become more resilient.

As mentioned above, you can develop emotional resilience. And because stress and change are a part of life, there are always opportunities to practice resilience—the payoffs are significant!

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