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A Simple Truth by Ms Moem ...

By Jocelyn

A Simple Truth by Ms Moem

How do you love a person
Who's no longer there to love?
How do you bear the pain
When you've already borne enough?
How do you remember day
When you only live at night?
How do you escape their shadow
When you no longer see their light?
How do you keep on swimming
When you struggle just to float?
How do you keep on sailing
When the storm upturns your boat?
How do you keep breathing?
How do you get through?
It's frustratingly simple but
Somehow you just do.
-Ms Moem

I found this poem and it is striking and real. Moving on ain't easy but you can never compare that liberation when you wake up one day and feel that you are truly free and happy. It is hard when you have to fight against yourself. When your head says let go and your heart still hangs on. You know that you have to let go, and the pain cuts. You are throbbing like hell and it takes time before it will go. Heartbreaks are so real, and when you're in pieces there is no way of knowing how you pick up the fragments and put them back together. When you're hurt so bad you can almost feel like you're bleeding out. By the time you are healed, you are a different person. It strengthens you in ways you don't think you have become. Pain teaches us a lesson, and if you choose to grow from it, you will become a better person - the person that you wish you were.

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