Tips 📝 from Real Women 👩 on How to Live 🌎 a Balanced ⚖️ Life ...


Do you ever wonder what real women say about living a balanced life.

Does it ever feel like the list of things you are supposed to do on a daily basis is constantly growing?

Applying sunscreen, eating healthy breakfast, working out, Oh! And calling our mothers! These tasks only begin to scratch the surface of our list. And that’s just before lunchtime.

Some days we simply can’t check every box, and that’s why finding balance is so important.

So, here's some real life advice on what women say about living a balanced life.

1. Christy, 25, Just Finished Her Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

“When it comes to personal wellness, self-care is a priority for me. Every morning I ask myself “what do you want to do today?” Sometimes it’s a massage and yoga and other times is about takeout”. Letting some things go to focus on more important things is what women say about living a balanced life.

Marie, a Young Single Girl Studying Psychology at the University of Texas
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