8 Must-Have Qualities All Classy Women Should Possess ...


8 Must-Have Qualities All Classy Women Should Possess ...
8 Must-Have Qualities All Classy Women Should Possess ...

What are the qualities of a classy lady? Being a woman of class in today’s society of glitz and glam can mean a lot on your shoulders. It means you’ve got distinct taste, you know how to strut your stuff, you can hold your own down any day while you walk tall in the crowd.

Also, it makes you a role model figure. Other ladies look up to you because they want to be like you, and any man would be glad to take your hand and walk around town with you.

However, being a woman of class is uncomplicated yet tricky.You have to know how to go about it. In this unique list, I have presented some interesting, yet amusing, prerequisites for being a woman of class. The fun part of this list is that it may not really be what you imagine. So, here are the best qualities of a classy lady.

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Poise and Carriage

photograph, woman, black and white, monochrome photography, lady, Most definitely one of the qualities of a classy lady is how you carry yourself. Being classy means that you’ve got the poise and carriage to go with it. When people come across you, it shows from the word go. How you carry yourself matters a great deal. When you walk, do so with springs in your heels. Walk with a bounce. This is will make you stand out from the crowd of less classy females.

Whether in a corporate boardroom or on the runway, having the right body language will encourage others to be confident in your abilities. Perception is everything, and how you’re perceived matters if you’re a woman of class. When you hear people say that they don’t care what people think about them, it’s not really true. Everyone cares.

When you appear confident and walk with your head raised, you earn the respect of your man and his friends. But if you always seem beaten and uncertain of yourself, what you’re likely going to get is their pity.


Self-Respecting and Decent

lady, headgear, human, girl, It goes without saying that every woman worth her onion must be able to comport herself with decency every step of the way, both in public and in private. Of course, I understand that the term is relative. But to the degree of what you consider to be decent behavior, aspire to it if you want to be taken seriously by society.

And don’t be fooled by the poor publicity stunt going on out there. It’s just for show. People know decency when they see it. Also, and this might surprise you, that’s the kind of girl that really turns heads when she comes into a room. Even when she decides to be flirty with her man, a woman of class is still a woman of class, and it shows.

Appearing slutty and uncultured is not a style statement. It doesn’t improve your public image. If anything, it reduces your worth in the eyes those you’re trying to impress.


Culinary and Home Management Skills

girl, tradition, flower, ceremony, event, What classy woman has there been who didn’t know how to prepare a good meal? Perish the thought that the days are gone when women were expected to cook. Knowing how to whip up a great meal is always gives you an edge.

Now if you’re poor in your kitchen skills, don’t let that sour your mood. Everyone learns to cook at one time or the other. So take the time to learn to cook. If you already know how, there’s no harm in learning a new recipe or experimenting on a variety of great recipes. Thank God for the internet, you can get hundreds of great recipes there.

Also, a classy woman knows how to set the tone of things in her home. She takes charge, and can handle her domestic affairs with utmost discretion. Things don’t fall apart under her watch. Her kids and her man trust her instinct and they act in line with it.


Ambition and Passion

black, black and white, lady, photography, girl, A woman of class shouldn’t rely on her charms alone to glide through life; there has to be something going for her. You have to be up to something. You’re running your own show and you’re not sitting around waiting for your next handout from your man.

A woman of class has her head and interest in something positive, maybe a job or a business. That’s what makes her stand out. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She has goals she’s passionate about, and has built (or is building) a solid resume for herself. That’s a woman of class.



photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, lady, gentleman, A woman must have her way with style and she ought to know what’s in vogue, what isn’t, and what makes common sense in terms of how she’s clad. Really, every woman of class should have her own style. She knows fashion, has an impeccable dress sense and can combine colors perfectly. Her makeup is just right and her cologne is positively breathtaking.

This kind of woman always leaves an impression in a room or office, and the thought of her lingers long after she’s gone.

But just like decency, I understand that style is also relative, and what works for one lady may not work for another. But unless you’re Lady Gaga doing her thing on stage, it’s not acceptable to dress half-clad or with tattered clothing in the name of creating your own style. And that takes us back to the issue of decency we talked about earlier.


An Evening Gown

black, white, photograph, black and white, darkness, This adds class to a woman's look, trust me. People don’t tell you what to put on when they hand you an invite for their gig. But when you turn up appropriately dressed, you’ve stolen their hearts. So a woman of class is as comfy in her jeans and sweatshirts as she is in an evening gown. Besides, your wardrobe isn’t complete if you haven’t got a dinner dress.

Com’on, I don’t need to scream this before you hear it. How in the world are you going to make it to that romantic dinner date with your man? Are you going to wear a fishnet dress to the gala?

Even if you’re not a lady given to such modest clothing, you never can tell who you’re going to have that important next dinner with or when having a gown will save you embarrassment. So just buy one right now and keep it in your wardrobe.


A GPS-enabled Smart Phone

beauty, fashion model, model, girl, supermodel, It gets interesting, right? There are all kinds of communication gadgets out there, but every self-respecting woman of class ought to have her own smart phone that’s GPS-enabled.

Think about all the selfies you can take with your smart phone. Also consider the many fun things you could do with the high-end device; video-chat, social media, blogging, etc.You do need a powerful device for all the reasons highlighted.

And for your safety as well, yes. That’s why I said it has to be GPS-enabled, so it’s easy when you need to be tracked in cases of emergency. I’m sure you get the point.


Pepper Spray

facial expression, person, girl, emotion, snapshot, Being a woman of class doesn’t mean you’re dumb, right? Right. So it’s my candid opinion that if you’ve got class, then you know what’s up in town. And if you do, then you want to keep a pepper spray at hand, or within reach, especially when you’re out on a date.

You never can tell just when you’ll need to use it, and being able to defend yourself from harm is a priceless attribute that can save your life. If you know some karate, add that to your pepper spray, then you’re on.

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#1 I was taught by my mother, and grandma, 2 VERY classy ladies, to not show when you're in pain, etc. So here is the 2nd time -- question ❓ since I have a chronic illness, Crohn's Disease, which is extremely painfully, should I just stay home from church instead of them seeing me ill or in pain???

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