9 Ways to Find Your Passion in Life for Any Lady Still Looking for Her Purpose ...

By EmMa

9 Ways to Find Your Passion in Life for Any Lady Still Looking for Her Purpose ...

As a woman, it seems like you're always looking for ways to find your passion in life. Finding purpose and what you're meant to be or do is something that most people want to figure out. Often, finding what you love and are passionate about is the best way to find your purpose. That's why you've got to add these ways to find your passion to your routine. Each of them will help lead you to your life's purpose and what you've been put on Earth to do. Good luck!

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1 Slow down

girl, finger, hand, socialite, smile, In today's day and age, women are always on the go. Whether you're a career woman or a stay at home mom, you're always busy. Taking the time to slow down and reflect on life is one of the best ways to find your passion. Try taking a yoga class, going for a walk on your lunch break or taking a warm bath. This lets you tune in to your emotions and what you want out of life.

2 Think about What You Loved as a Child

girl, Chances are that the things you loved most as a kid are a pretty good indicator of what you might want out of your adult life. Maybe you loved making clothes for your dolls or writing short stories. Perhaps you enjoyed a pick up game of basketball or took every opportunity to cook a gourmet meal. Those are probably the things that will lead you to your purpose.

3 Figure out What You Hate

hair, black, photograph, black and white, person, Part of life means doing things you don't necessarily want or like to do. But if you find that you hate most things about your job or there are tasks you just loathe doing, you will have a pretty good idea of what isn't your passion so you can eliminate it from the list of possibilities.

4 Make an Inspiration Board

girl, black hair, socialite, If you're having a hard time deciding what your life purpose might be, make an inspiration board. Tack up magazine articles, photos or other things that inspire you or make you happy. These items should help you see what you love and what you want to spend your life doing.

5 What Would You do for Free?

, Many experts recommend asking yourself what you'd be willing to do for 5 years without getting paid. That's what you're meant to do. Whether it's shelve library books, teach kids to read or walk dogs, if you love it so much that you'd do it for free, it's probably what you're meant to be doing.

6 Do What's Fun

person, nose, human hair color, child, emotion, Many women are under the impression that life is about meeting obligations, taking care of their families, and getting it all done. When did you stop having fun? The activities and places that speak to your soul should most definitely have a place in your life and they can inspire you to make a life you love.

7 Quit Talking about It

human hair color, blond, girl, It's easy to say you're going to write the next bestseller or lead the next Fortune 500 company, but if you're all talk and no action, you're never going to reach your goals. Stop talking about what you want out of life and start taking action to make it happen.

8 Ask Your Friends

hair, human hair color, nose, hairstyle, girl, If you're evaluating life and having a hard time deciding what your purpose is or where to go next, ask your friends. Those closest to you have a perspective of you that can be very eye opening. Their answers to what you love and what makes you the happiest can be just what you need to take the next step in life.

9 Write

black and white, hand, photography, finger, monochrome photography, Even if you're not a writer, putting pen to paper can help you organize your thoughts and it allows your creative ideas to flow. You don't need to write about anything specific. Let your thoughts lead the way and you'll find your inspiration from within.

What's your purpose and passion in life?

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