Just Stop and Breathe ...


Just Stop and Breathe ...
Just Stop and Breathe ...

It's time to just stop and breathe. There are deadlines, expectations, loss, success, responsibilities, adulting and choices, which all can be very overwhelming. Find gratitude for what you have and accept where you are in life. Even, if it is just for a moment. The relentless pursuit of wanting more can be exhausting. Wanting more for a career. Wanting more for children. Wanting more for the family. Wanting more for friends. Wanting more in a relationship. There always seems to be something. That's why it's so important to just stop and breathe.

As a woman, it can be difficult to take time out of the day to just focus on oneself. It is easy to focus on everything else. Take time to read a book. Write in your journal. Practice yoga. Turn your phone off for a few hours. Buy yourself flowers. Cozy up in a blanket. Drink tea. Listen to your favorite music album. Take a walk. Give yourself a manicure. Lay in the sunshine. Light a candle. Go somewhere new. Color in a coloring book. Take a bath with Epsom salt. Diffuse essential oil. Organize your closet. Make and apply a face mask. Go to bed early. Make a homemade meal. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee. Listen to your favorite podcast. Take pictures in nature. Have a solo dance party. Go through a stretching routine. However, the easiest and the most effective way to bring yourself in the moment is just to breathe.

Our breath will either wake us up or energize us. It will relax us, or it will just balance us. Breath is an essential element of life and by concentrating on slow deep breathing, you can disengage from distractions in life. The first step is to find a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Take a normal breath. Then try a deep breath. Breathe in slowly through the nose, allowing the chest and lower belly to rise, as the lungs get full. Let the stomach expand. Now breathe slowly out.

Now incorporate this breathing into a routine. Choose a special place where you can sit comfortably without distractions. Do not try too hard since this can cause stress and tension. Having a focal point is essential in order to shift from your stress into deeper, calmer rhythms. Try to practice once or twice a day, always at the same time, in order to enhance the sense of ritual and habit. Try to practice at least 10-20 minutes each day.

Just breathe. Take some time for yourself. Reduce the stress in your life. Accept where you are in the moment and allow yourself to be first, even if just for a moment.

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