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I’ve decided to really make 2019 a great year, and if you’re looking for ways to supercharge your life this year, let me help you out! You don’t have to make a list of lengthy resolutions to do this. All you need to know are some simple, yet effective ways to supercharge your life. On a day to day basis, these will help give you the life you want, help you stay motivated, and help you see change. Invest in yourself and the year with these simple tips!

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Make Goals

Notice I said that you don’t need to make resolutions, but one of the best ways to supercharge your life is to make goals instead. Resolutions are harsh. They’re a “must do or fail” kind of restriction, if you ask me. Goals are a whole other ballgame. Goals motivate us. They inspire us. They’re cemented and don’t shame us with guilt if we fail. What goals do help us to do, is to remember what we want. They give us a prize to work for. They give us drive, and supercharging your life is about making attainable goals in your life. Even just getting closer to them this year, more than you did in previous years, is a great way to supercharge your life. Make a list of 5, big or small, and work this year to make them happen.


Eat Well

Eating well does so many things for us, but it’s one of those issues that some of us get tired of hearing. I understand that, due to the high focus dieting gets in today’s culture. I don’t see eating well as dieting however, but as giving me energy and vitality. I can’t live a vibrant life if I’m sick, obese, unhealthy and living at the doctor, or with health problems. Who wants that? Not me! No piece of cheesecake everyday or donut every morning is worth it. Sugary drinks and refined foods? No thanks! Supercharge your life with wholesome, clean foods that give you life and energy. These foods are foods such as greens, veggies, lean sources of protein, healthy fats and foods with antioxidants. All these foods are fantastic for you and will enhance your life better than any candy bar will satisfy you.


Laugh More

Laughing is crucial to preventing disease, believe it or not. It can help prevent and treat depression, and it’s even been found to reduce heart disease! Laugh more however you can, with the best way being with friends.


Get Your Finances in Order

Ew, budget- I just hate the word, don’t you? I feel your pain if the word finance makes you cringe, but getting your finances is order is so important. I learned this the hard way many years ago, and have since made my finances a priority for having a better life. If you’re constantly stressed about debt (and who isnt?!), then your life will suffer. What you can do to supercharge your life, regardless of debt, is to get a handle on your finances by doing a budget. Make cuts wherever you have to, and stop charging everything to credit cards. This can truly make a huge difference in your level of stress, your energy and your sense of well being.


Spend More Time with Loved Ones

Another way to supercharge your life this year is to spend more time with your loved ones. If relationships need to be repaired, try working on those. Working through the tough spots can help you reduce negativity about the people closest to you. Believe it or not, harboring harsh feelings about your family does you much more harm than it does them. If you have a close family, try not to take them for granted and spend more time with them. Your life will become so rich with love when you do!


Be Active

I have found nothing makes me feel more incredible than living an active lifestyle. I hate lying around and sitting still too often, or I get depressed! Being active helps keep you motivated, and helps you feel better on a daily basis. You’ll also sleep better, which brings me to our next item.



Make this year the year that you stop pulling all nighters, or burning the candle on both ends. Make it your goal, if you need to, to get more sleep. I promise that every area of your life will benefit from it. I advise going to bed earlier instead of skipping that morning workout though! Both rest and exercise will help decrease your chances of obesity, depression and disease. And if you ask me, there’s no better or easier way to supercharge your life than that!

I’d love to hear about what you’re all doing this year to supercharge your own life. What’s on your list this year?

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My goal is to get a new job and not to give him and also to eat healthy and well

Eating well can be difficult. I found that by drinking Ensure( a nutritional drink) as a meal I've actually lost weight unintentionally & feel better. I know on most bottles it says to gain or maintain weight but it's better than eating fast food! I highly recommend it


if i cann .. haih

My goals this year is working towards my degree, eating well, be more a active, be there for my loved ones, and laugh more, I must be happy

I try to spend every Sunday with my family and now I always feel so relaxed after a chill Sunday with them. It always rests me and I feel ready to tackle the next week. Also I want to exercise more this year!

My goal is to get out of my social phobia :) eat and live healthier

If we can

Love the article so much! Spend more time with loved ones is my favorite. I started doing it weeks ago, spending more time with my family and it makes me feel really good.

I need to do so e sewing this year, I'm a between a size 6/8 eat well and exercise for more than a year my tummy still have a good size I promise not too stress on that this year

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