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7 Ways to Seize the Day and Make the Most of It ...

By Tara

Snow on the ground, work cancelled and with the children off from school, I have plenty of ways to seize the day and make the most out of it. Every day we get another chance, an opportunity to do it all over and make choices in where we want to be and how we choose to spend our precious time. So what do you want to do and where do you want to be? We have so many choices and each day paves the path for our future and creates memories for us to cherish. So stop stressing and read about my ways to seize the day and make the most of it!

1 Stop Planning Every Moment

Believe me, I am such a planner that I thrive on planning events and love to know what the future brings. However, sometimes I need to stop planning the moment and just enjoy the day. One the best ways to seize the day is to stop planning every moment. So you head to the park and the kids get into a water fountain duel, join in and have fun. The best memories are created with a little spontaneity!

2 Live a Little

Are you afraid to go on the enormous roller coaster at the amusement park? Live a little and let yourself go in the process. Face and overcome your fears while rediscovering yourself. This is a great way to seize the day

3 Give in to Your Inner Child

We all have that little girl or boy hiding inside of us that wants to stay up late eating gummy bears and sleep in her very own created fort in her room (although pretending she is sleeping in the wilderness). So stop hiding and give in to your inner child. Have fun and let yourself go. Stop worrying what other people think of you and just be you. I have to tell you this feels amazing and you will have no regrets and only grow from this attitude!

4 Laugh More

Seize the day by laughing more. Life is too short to be taken so seriously, so let go and laugh more. There are so many moments in that day that are funny, if we stop and let them be, that is! People that laugh more live longer and have less stress so seize the day and laugh more!

5 Love More

Heart, hugs and kisses should be given more frequently to family and friends because you only live once so seize the day. Show love to all the important people in your life and live each day as if it was your last. You can do this by writing a letter, giving a hug or just expressing yourself through words. Seize the day by showing your love a little bit more!

6 Just Dance

I love the expression "dance like no one is watching," because it is so true. To really discover yourself and reach that inner layer, you need to just dance. Seize the day and enjoy the moment by dancing to your favorite tune! I guarantee you will feel great!

7 Spend a Few Moments of Reflection

Now that your day is almost over, spend a few moments reflecting on your day. If you have some pictures to account for today, glance at them and think about what tomorrow will bring. Because each day you have a new opportunity to seize the day!

I hope you dance, love and live life to the fullest by seizing each day. Life is what you make of it so make your life a great one. How do you seize the day?

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