7 Tips on How to Never Give up on Your Goals ...


One characteristic that successful people have is understanding how to never give up on your goals. This crucial way of thinking should be your new lifestyle. Choosing to give up or choosing how to never give up is completely up to you and that’s the best part! Here are some tips that will assist you on your new journey.

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Taking Action Now

One of the most important tips on how to never give up on your goals is to understand that there is no perfect time; take action now! If you sit at home and wait for the perfect time you will be waiting forever. The truth is, unless you decide today that you want to make your dream come true, you will watch someone else live out your dream. Never give up because you don’t think the timing is right.


Success Takes Time

We all know the expression Rome wasn’t built in a day. This holds true for your own personal Rome – your dream, your goal, your greatest wish. Don’t expect everything to be easy and don’t expect that accomplishing your dream will happen overnight just because you thought of it. Here’s another cheesy but true expression: it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey.


Put Trust in Yourself

Without trust there is doubt, confusion, and zero productivity. You don’t need to have ALL of the answers before you embark on your journey to accomplish your goal. It can certainly be difficult to trust in the unknown but you really need to be your biggest cheerleader if you want something to come to fruition. Try trusting this time – trust that you will find the way as you go along.


Don’t Let the Negativity Get to You

This can be easier said than done, right? Well, letting go of negativity is the most crucial step toward moving forward. If you let the negative people and negative outcomes affect you, you will not be motivated or encouraged enough to keep going. For someone like myself who strives to be perfect all the time, it can really hurt deeply when things don’t go according to your liking. This is when you need to swallow your pride, admit you’re not perfect, and keep going even if things or people try to bring you down.


Remember to Stay Focused

Our lives are crazy busy filled with noise and distractions. That’s just the result of a technology-based generation. Learn how to channel your energy and thoughts into remaining focused on your goals. Don’t start stalking other people on Facebook, Google, or YouTube and compare yourself to others who are maybe further along than you in their journey. If you lose focus on your goals and start to focus on comparing yourself to others, you will snap out of your zone and fail. Don’t compare yourself to anyone…stay focused on you.


Create an Inspiration Board

This is your time to shine and be creative! Make a list, add pictures, highlight anything that motivates and drives you towards reaching your goal. This is something that only you can do because only you know what you want. Make sure to also indicate every single goal and dream you have on this board because seeing and meditating on the board every day will inspire and encourage you!


Stand up to Your Fears

If your biggest fear is failure, prove yourself wrong. If your biggest fear is uncertainty about the future, have faith that you will find a way. If you’re afraid to tackle a big project on your own, make connections with others who can help you. Ultimately, you will be your own biggest bully or brick wall. Don’t let yourself stop you from achieving your goals! Stand up to your fears, whatever they are, and beat them.

For those of you who are simply feeling discouraged because you feel like nobody believes in you, just know that I believe in you. I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to and I believe that you will overcome anything that is trying to get in your way. How will you stand up and never give up on your goals today?

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I lived this. Thank you D!

"Rome wasn't built in a day" ..I have to remind myself of that proverb! And also, "Good things come to those who wait" ..Yes, money isn't going to fall from the sky, but sometimes some things just take a matter of time. All there is to do is "try your best" and "the most beautiful woman can only give what she can, not the other way around" meaning one person can only do so much!

Loved it! Ur writing is inspiring! Thank u for sharing ! :)

Love this

Nicee, this really helped me! Thanks

True that girl_code. Only the ones who have been giving up so much can understand this

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