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Ways to overcome self doubt are as varied as those doing the overcoming. While the reasons it exists are beyond number, trying these ways to overcome self doubt will help hoist you over this self-defeating hurdle.

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What Makes YOU so Special?

One of the best ways to overcome self doubt is to start to think of why you should. If you think you couldn’t be a great writer, you may have forgotten about the A+ essay you wrote in 11th grade. If you think you couldn’t lose weight, remember the self-discipline it took to pass the licensing exam at your job? Every obstacle you’ve torn down in your life, and every goal you’ve attained is preparing you for the next one, the one after that, and the one after that. The next time you ask yourself “Who told you that you could do this,” tell yourself you did.


Surround Yourself with Positive People

When you need a boost of positivity, do you go to Negative Nelly, or to the one who is your perpetual cheerleader? When you need a dose of confidence, stick with those who will most likely offer it to you, instead of those that you most wish you could get it from. It is almost symbiotic, the way others who exude what you so willingly drink in. If you make sure the water is clean and fresh, so will be your perspective.



When you begin the perpetual self doubt loop, take a breath, and realize all you’re doing is not for your protection, but for your undoing. When in doubt, take a moment and breathe. Clear your mind of the negative thoughts, and look at the situation with a positive, clear perspective. Sometimes all it takes is one extra conscious breath between throwing in the white flag and charging ahead.


Be Your Own Teflon Coating

One of the best things you can do to allay self doubt is to put up your non-stick emotional coating against what you think others will be saying about you, and even sometimes about what you say to yourself. In the end we have no knowledge or control over what others will say, so why do we let something we have no say affect our own sense of self? We do, however have the entire say in what we tell ourselves, so make it positive!


Remember the Good Things Others Have Said to You

When we come up with the 819th reason why we can’t accomplish our goal, remember the encouraging things others have said to you. While the bad things said can be filed in the circular file (trash can), the good things said are actually that—something that can do good for you. Remember when your mom said you can do anything, when your high school teacher said you were bright and determined, when your last review at work called you a star team player. Using these words from others in your past will help you to shape your future now.


Dive into Your Bucket List

When you hear yourself saying that you can’t do something, tell yourself to go jump out of an airplane (literally, and with parachute firmly attached). One of the best ways to overcome self doubt is to just do it. Once you have an accomplishment in hand, others are sure to follow.


See the Positive in Others

When you can positively and without judgment on yourself give someone else a compliment, those thoughts will eventually boomerang back to you. Be happy for someone else’s accomplishments, see their beautiful traits, and don’t begrudge them for having these. In time, you will judge yourself on the same scale you judge the wonderfully talented friend with the impeccable skin.

Overcoming self doubt is a path most of us have trod on occasion. Using these tips to see what is worthy in you will keep you from visiting this neck of the woods as often. What are your ways of keeping self-doubt at bay?

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