8 Ways to Start Your Day off Right ...

Nothing makes me start my day off wrong worse than waking up late, so sometimes I need to be reminded of ways to start your day off right, despite circumstances such as a missed alarm tone. The morning time is the best way to set the tone for your whole day. Certain choices you make during this time can either drain or enhance your energy, mood, and productivity during the day. Here are my favorite ways to start your day off right, so you don't find yourself in a tizzy over the small things or big things, such as burning your clothes with the iron or spilling your breakfast in a hurry. I speak from personal experience on both of those ladies, so I’m not judging anyone!

1. Get Moving

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One of the best ways to start your day off right is to get moving. Yes, I’m talking about exercise here. It is so easy for me to linger in bed “for just five more minutes” as I tell myself. Then, before I know it, I’m an hour behind and stressed out like someone the first day of a new job! Eliminate the stress and just get outta bed already! I hop on my treadmill or immediately head outside for an easy but productive walk, followed by 10 minutes, or more if I have time, of stretching and yoga. This relaxes me, gets my blood pumping, keeps my waistline in check, and makes me feel more confident in my job, home and with everyone around me all day long. It isn’t easy to do, but once you start, you’ll quickly see benefits and become addicted to the positive energy it brings.

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