7 Ways to See the Glass Half Full ...


If you're a glass half empty kind of girl then these ways to see the glass half full are sure to help you become more positive. If you feel that you have a tendency to see the negative in everything, you can actually re-wire your brain and make little changes which will help change your perspective. These ways to see the glass half full are sure to help you in the future.

1. Don't Compare Yourself to Others

We all compare ourselves to others but it can often mean that we see our lives as deficient in some way. With the advent of social media, it can be tempting to spend most of our free time looking at those photos of friends on their fabulous holidays and living their wonderful lives. But everyone has their problems and people often only want to show the gloss and glamour. One of the ways to see the glass half full is to stop comparing your life to others and focus on yourself. If you know that trawling through social media makes you feel blue, spend less time doing so and spend more time engaging in hobbies that are likely to make you feel positive instead.

Be in the Moment
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