7 Ways to save a Life ...


Many people contemplate day and night on how they could help someone or on ways to save a life. Of course taking lifeguard courses and CPR are steps toward being able to immediately and directly save lives, but have you ever thought about the ways to save a life that you could do today? I mean, literally walk out of your house and save a life! Keep reading for 7 excellent ways to save a life!

1. Donate Plasma

One of the coolest ways to save a life is to donate plasma. Plasma is a pale yellow liquid portion of your blood made of water and proteins which helps the body control bleeding and infections. Plasma is the basis of many therapeutics that saves thousands of lives daily. It's used in the treatment of serious disorders such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies, and to treat victims of shock and burns. Your body has so much plasma, you could spare a little to save a life! And get this: You get paid for it! Getting paid while saving lives? Who could ask for more?

Quit Smoking
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