7 Exciting and Fun Ways to Shake up Your Life ...


7 Exciting and Fun Ways to Shake up Your Life ...
7 Exciting and Fun Ways to Shake up Your Life ...

Find ways to shake up your life and you could be seeing the world, and yourself, in a whole new light. With a little time, effort and a willingness to adjust your outlook, adventuring outside your routine can offer amazing results, whether you feel stuck in a rut or simply want to avoid one altogether. From small changes to big plans, here are some of the best ways to shake up your life.

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Get a Make-over

Looking for instant change? Mix up your routine and give your style, your looks or your space a little make-over. Try your favorite wardrobe pieces in new combinations or update some of your older items, opt for a new hairstyle or make-up palate, change up the decor in your favorite room at home. Even less dramatic adjustments to your aesthetic can yield big impact and feel incredibly transforming, making this one of the easiest ways to shake up your life.


Take a Trip

Traveling is such an amazing way to broaden your horizons and create new perspective. From the adventure of a lifetime, to a weekend or day trip, leaving home for any length of time is a chance to learn more about the world and expand your context. Best of all, a change of scenery can sometimes be just what you need to start seeing the views closer to home with new found appreciation.


Challenge Yourself

So often the limitations we feel in our life we actually put on ourselves, and they can create a real stagnancy in our way of being. Have you always wanted to sky dive? Take a wine tour? Write a book? Stop holding back and jump in. Success is in opening yourself to brand new experiences, learning and redefining your limitations. You never know, you may start to wonder what other amazing things you are capable of.


Make Time for Friends

Over time our priorities can shift from putting energy and effort into what matters to us, to what is simply set in our day to day schedule. Shake things up by investing once again in your friendships, old and new. Those who see the best in you, make you laugh and share your interests offer so much to your life; making time for them will leave you and your calendar invigorated.


Clear out the Clutter

Feeling lackluster at home or work? Your environment could be playing a significant role in keeping you uninspired, especially if it is overrun with mess or clutter. In the end, very few possessions are really worth hanging onto and most are likely just taking up space. Keep your heirlooms, items with sentimental attachment and necessities and ensure they organized, clean and well-maintained. When in doubt, throw it out.


Make a Decision

Moving forward is an invaluable part of feeling your best. Identify whether you have continued to put something off, and finally make a decision. Loose ends, doubt and uncertainty can cause stress and fear and stop you from living your life to its fullest potential. Make a choice and give it everything you have got; it’s a liberating and empowering way to mix up your routine and start anew.


Kick up Your Heels

If you could use a fresh lease on life, it’s likely time to have more fun. Doing the things you love, being silly, laughing and focusing on happiness are powerful components to maintaining a positive, lighthearted approach. Your schedule will seem more manageable, your relationships more rewarding and your life more exciting. The things that make you smile are worth in investing in so get to a funny movie, hit up a sports game, be social, visit a museum, take a cooking lesson - whatever it is, have fun with it!

Regularly renewing your perspective is such an important process and there are many ways to shake up your life. Even if you are not yet starting to feel stagnant, keep your outlook exciting and fresh and you can increase your feelings of gratitude and motivation, enhance the way you view your successes and empower the way you overcome obstacles. It's certainly a worthwhile undertaking to ensure you are getting the most out of your life. How do you shake things up, Stalkers?

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Love it :)


I like to shake things up by learning new things but sometimes I do too much and start to feel overwhelmed. That's when I go into hiding until I feel normal and then it's "Here we go!" time.

Try online dating, talk to someone new in every store you shop at, Find a yummy recipe, Volunteer locally, Build a small garden! Keep shake'n ;)


Yes! A small garden on my balcony sounds good.. My fiancé used to grow all sorts of things as a kid. I should get him to look after some herbs. It's not a whole garden, but it'll brighten up the balcony :-)

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