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7 Ways to Motivate People ...

By Jordin

A few ways to motivate people into being a better person are some things that you might want to take into consideration. Depending on your job, your walk of life, or your circle of friends, knowing ways to motivate people can give YOU advantages! Offering encouragement and helping others achieve their goals will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, and enable you to be a better person yourself. So here are a few great ways to motivate people to get you started!

1 Have a Plan B

When learning ways to motivate people, you have to remember that failure is a possibility. But that doesn’t mean you need to count on failure! Just prepare for it, so if it does happen, you will have a fallback plan. Make sure your options stay open so you aren’t “stuck” for where to go next!

2 Be Positive

Having a “can-do” attitude is what will be your biggest asset. Whether you are trying to encourage someone else to be motivated, or trying to motivate yourself, think positive! Kicking bad habits to the curb or learning a new attitude isn’t easy for anyone, but being motivated to become a better person will make it all worth it. Just don’t be a downer, think happy thoughts!

3 Think Realistically

It’s wonderful to have pie-in-the-sky goals and dreams, but you do need to have some area of realistic thinking. Dream big, but remember to cut those dreams down into doable chunks. Baby-steps will get you there just fine. Offer this advice to friends as a way of motivating them to become better people, as it’s a valuable bit of wisdom that will take you far!

4 Constantly Remind

Motivation to become a better person doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something you will need to constantly work at. You must be persistent and consistent at the same time. Every day, remind yourself and your friends of what you are working towards. Trying to stop smoking? Tape up signs that say “You can do it” to your bathroom mirror! Ready to kick nail biting? Purchase a manicure certificate, and tell yourself you can’t use it until the habit is gone.

5 Accountability Matters

We all hate accountability, because it can make you feel like a little child at times. The truth is, accountability is there for a good reason! If you are helping out a loved one, one of the ways to motivate them into being a better person is to hold them accountable. Check in and make sure they are sticking with their diet. Be kind and understanding, but firm as well. The same principle applies to you! Find someone to hold you accountable for reaching your goals!

6 Be Supportive

Motivation, like anything else in life, can have a tendency to wear off. Remember that if your friends are trying to stay motivated to do something, they will need support! The same goes for you. Make sure you have someone to rely on and offer you the encouragement and support you need in order to stay motivated!

7 Practice What You Preach

My final tip for ways to motivate people is to practice what you preach. It helps to try and stay on the same page as those you are trying to be an example to. If there are areas of your life that lack motivation, try to get a handle on it. Actions speak louder than words, so what you do will ultimately make a bigger impression than what you say!

Motivation is important, since without it nothing would ever get accomplished. If you have great people skills, then put these tips to good use! You can help motivate your friends and family to reach goals they have been striving for, and gain self-improvement and satisfaction for yourself while you are at it. In what ways do you help motivate those around you?

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