7 Best Ways to Improve Yourself as a Person ...


7 Best Ways to Improve Yourself as a Person ...
7 Best Ways to Improve Yourself as a Person ...

Have you ever lost yourself in thoughts of self-growth and planned different ways to improve yourself as a person? Well you are not alone, because even though one of us might have a goal of becoming a successful doctor, while the other wants to become a famous singer, one thing that we should all have in common is the goal of self-advancement. There is no way you can be a great doctor or singer if don’t have a stable foundation as a decent person! So if you want to get cracking, here are 7 best ways to improve yourself to be a better you!

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Find a Role Model

One of the first ways to improve yourself as a person is finding a role model that you can look up to. It can be anyone that you admire and believe can be the best guide to an improved version of you. Whether it’s you mom, dad, sister or even favorite character from a book, they will motivate you and inspire you to work on yourself in the long run!


Use Constructive Criticism

Nobody likes to be criticized and scrutinized by others, but we can actually use it as an advantage. Instead of putting up a defensive wall and denying any accusations, we can consider if there is any truth to what other people say about us and if there is, it’s something we can work on. However, if the accusation are absolutely inaccurate and you know it, it’s not worth any deliberation!


Work on Your Flaws

One of the best ways to assemble a game plan of self-growth is listing things that you like and dislike about yourself. At the end, take the ‘dislike’ column and think of different ways that you can scratch them off your list. However, don’t let that column scare you because before you know it, each and every single bullet point will be crossed out!


Realize Your Mistakes

If you are midway through executing your plan and make an unintentional mistake, view it as a small bump and don’t give up. For example, if you are trying to stop your sudden bursts of anger and accidentally lash out at someone close to you, realize your mistake, apologize sincerely, and move on. You will definitely have slip-ups, but there is no other way to reach your goal!


Avoid Being Too Hard on Yourself

Don’t try to change everything about yourself, because it’s okay to have small flaws. That’s what makes you who you are and you don’t want to have a complete change of 360 degrees. It especially applies to your appearance; it sounds silly when someone says, "love your body the way it is" and "work with what God gave you," but it’s true; don’t compare yourself to others! You might not know it, but somebody out there completely adores you the way you are.


Set Goals, Not Limits

It’s important to never set limits on yourself because sometimes you may not be aware of your own capabilities. Instead of saying you will only run a mile because you know you can only do that much, set a goal for yourself of running 3 miles. Pushing yourself in the right direction never hurts, and in the end you might even surprise yourself.


Stay Grounded

Although some of us may come very close to perfection, nobody ever reaches that state. There is always room for improvement no matter what stage you are at in your life. It doesn't mean that you should never feel accomplished because you can never stop working on yourself, but it’s crucial to stay grounded.

All of these steps to self-improvement may sound way too cliché for some, but those are the best ways to fight our internal battles! What are your tips for self-improvement? Share in the comments.

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Takiin criticism more and workiin on my attitude.

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