7 Positive Truths to Tell Yourself Each and Every Single Day ...


7 Positive Truths to Tell Yourself Each and Every Single Day ...
7 Positive Truths to Tell Yourself Each and Every Single Day ...

Certain truths to tell yourself at the beginning and end of each day can keep you honest, motivated and at peace more than anyone else's perception of you ever will. I used to live under the imprisonment of living in perfection for others. I couldn't find my own truth, but once I freed myself from the pain of living to please everyone but myself, I found more happiness than I've ever known, and have better relationships with other people. No one can change your life but you, and no one can change the way you perceive yourself, except you. Other people may affect how we look at ourselves, and what we tell ourselves about life and our worth, but we shouldn’t let those voices overshadow our own. Be sure before you let anyone change how you feel about yourself, that you take a look at these simple truths to tell yourself each day that can keep you content far beyond what anyone else deems you are worth.

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You Are Worthy of Love

As someone who’s dealt with a low self esteem all her life, I used to let love come from others only, and never experienced one of the most important truths to tell yourself, which is that I was worthy of love. In my mid-twenties, I learned that I was worthy of love, regardless of how much I had lost love before. After telling myself this, I was able to let go of a life long eating disorder, constant battles of insecurity and inability to live out my passions. I realized I was completely worthy of love and most importantly, that meant learning to love myself first, before expecting others to.


You Are Worth Fighting for

People will give up on you in life, and I’ve learned this just like other people have. People will often give up on you, or will make you want to give up on them. Don’t forget that you’re worth fighting for, and no matter what problems you may face with others and yourself, fight for your worth and fight for yourself. Two years ago when recovering from anorexia, I realized I was worth fighting for regardless of the mistakes I made and had to correct. I realized my passions and talents were worthy of being used, discovered and implemented into my life, but for years I refused to acknowledge that these things were part of me and worth fighting for. Don’t forget that you are perfectly built to be worthy of love that life can give you, but more importantly, give yourself permission to be.


You’re Not Supposed to Be Perfect

So what if you’re having a bad hair week or even a bad hair month! Or maybe your jeans don’t fit like you want them to, and your body just isn't shaped like you wish it was. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion at work, or maybe you had to take a crummy job when your sister just got a super fabulous career offer. Guess what? You’re not perfect and not supposed to be! Yes, you are worthy of trying your best to be all you can be, but you’re also not a doll or a robot who is void of imperfection! No one is perfect all the time; don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect either, or you can bet that is one thing you’ll always fail at. Learn from what you can, keep trying your best at each brand new day, and remember, you're beautiful, no matter what kind of hair day you're having! Beauty comes from strength, not from a hairbrush or pair of jeans, and success comes from achieving what you can with the talents and abilities you have right now. That crappy job will lead to something better, and if nothing else, give you the ability to relate to others later in life in the same situation as you.


You Deserve to Be Happy

Guess what? Happiness is a choice, not a circumstance. Happiness is choosing to be positive, choosing to try again, and choosing to seek out things in life that bring light and joy into your life, not isolation, numbness and darkness. Stagnation can happen when we don’t believe we don’t deserve happiness, yet we weren’t meant to live a still, passionless life. You deserve to be happy, so go find whatever it is out there that moves your soul, makes you smile, and makes the time pass away in the blink of an eye. Anything that makes your heart and soul move is happiness. If you don’t have it, look within yourself until you find it and I promise, you will!


You Can’t Hide from the Truth

No matter what you tell yourself, you’ll never be able to hide from the truth. If there is something in your life that is holding you back from being the best you can be, perhaps an addiction, a void, or bad choices you’re making that are creating negative circumstances in your life, then please let it go, hun! Even if these things are kept a secret to you, you can’t hide from the truth. Release these negative impacts on your life and be free from what is holding you back. You can’t hide from the truth, whether you’re living with lies someone is telling you, or that you’re telling yourself. Open yourself to truth and find the freedom to be truly happy and at peace.


Others Deserve Your Honesty

Just like you should be honest with yourself, one of the most important truths you should tell yourself, is that you need to be honest with others. Others will think more of you if you are honest with them, even if it means disappointing them, or possibly losing them. No one trusts someone that lies to them, and the truth always comes out and they’ll find out the truth at some point. People deserve your honesty and from experience, I can tell you that honesty will carry you where no college degree, no outside appearance and no career success will.


You Have Everything You Need within You to Succeed

Guess what? Everything you want to achieve in life is right at your disposal. You didn’t get the dreams in your heart from nowhere. I truly believe we are given dreams in our souls because they are the signs and pathways to our greatest talents and passions. Yes, something may look impossible, but let me tell you - it isn’t! Keep believing and keep doing what makes you happy. More importantly, tell yourself you can do whatever you want and every single thing you need to succeed is within you. If you keep telling yourself this, I promise you, soon enough, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Being honest with yourself is important, but there are other truths to tell yourself that are more than just about being honest, as you can see. At the end of the day, you can be your own worst enemy, or your best friend. Choosing to tell yourself these truths will help you create a life you never imagined and give you a peace you never thought possible! What truth do you tell yourself each day?

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I like that !

I always tell myself "I'm the best thing since *insert favorite thing here*" I my case it's peanut butter. So I'm the best thing since peanut butter. I don't care if others agree but as long as I believe that's all that matters :)

I love this

I needed this, thanks :)

I love you're article ! Thanks you!

Remember to love yourselves, we are all very beautiful!

I love these articles so helpful thank you x

Great great advice im feeling better already

These are going on the bathroom mirror!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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