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7 Ways to Let Go of Bad Memories ...

By Rotem

We’ve all been through hard times that may still affect us today, which is why it’s important to find ways to let go of bad memories. You cannot choose to forget a bad memory or experience. However, you can find ways to accept it and move on. Continue reading for some ways to let go of bad memories!

1 Talk about It

Talking about it is the first of the ways to let go of bad memories. You have to let out what you’re feeling inside! Whether it's your boyfriend, psychiatrist or family, it’s important to release your emotions. You can also talk about it anonymously if it’s too uncomfortable to talk to someone you know.

2 See the Positive

Another way to let go of bad memories is to see the positive. Whatever happened to you, or whatever you went through, try to see the positive. Look at the things this experience has taught you. At the end of the day, the things we go through shape who we are. Turn the negative into a positive effect on your life!


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3 Find Inner Peace

A great way to let go of bad memories is to find inner peace. Finding inner peace can mean several different things. You can find inner peace by doing something that you love. Taking a class or course in something that interests you can help you find yourself. You can also spiritually find inner peace by doing meditation, yoga, or even breathing exercises. This releases the stress, anger and tension, as well!

4 Forgive

In order to let go of a bad past or bad memories, you need to learn to forgive. No matter what situation you have been through, choose to forgive. Forgive others, forgive yourself and let go. This is essential in moving on from a bad memory. From experience, I highly recommend to stop overthinking and overanalyzing what could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve - and simply forgive.

5 Do Better

Another positive way to let go of bad memories is to do better. Choose to take the high road and do better for yourself, whether it had been a tough relationship or a terrible job. Take this time to think about who you are and what you want to do next. Then choose to do productive things and take a positive step. This will make it easy for you to look into a positive future.

6 Support

An amazing way to let go of bad memories is to get lots of support. It’s only human to need the support and comfort of others. It’s important to have someone there for you. Get support from family, friends, or even a psychiatrist. Someone to talk to whenever you need them is a great thing to have. It’s also nice to have someone to spend time with when you’re feeling low or down.

7 Help Others

Helping others is another great way to let go of bad memories. The way this helps you is by combining all the things above – seeing the positive, doing better, and finding inner peace. Helping people who are in your situation or have been there is such a great way to move on. For example, someone coming out of an abusive relationship can join an anonymous hotline and give out advice to those going through the same thing. This will turn a negative into a positive, while still making a difference!

I hope these 7 tips on ways to let go of bad memories can help you out! I am a firm believer in all of these tips and guarantee you will see a difference. What ways do you think help in letting go of bad memories?

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