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7 Helpful Mantras to Get You through Rough Times ...

By Shannon

If you have rough moment in your day, there are many helpful mantras that can help you get through. A mantra is an utterance of a word or group of words to yourself that have the power to shape your frame of mind in order to achieve a desired outcome. If you are having a rough time, wake up with a bad thought, or are presented with a challenge at any point during your day, take a moment to center yourself with a mantra. Remember who you are, your goals, and your dreams. Having a mantra or two in your back pocket for times like these is incredibly helpful to refocus your day and reshape the energy you want around you. The power of intent is amazing. If you are interested, below is a list of seven helpful mantras to help you get through rough times.

1 It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day

There is a moment in the morning, right after we wake up but are still in bed, when anything seems possible. Our minds feel fresh and the day ahead feels full of positive potential. It’s a tiny blip of time in the span of our entire day. It is also a wonderful opportunity to set the tone for the day ahead. The mantra, “It’s A Good Day To Have A Good Day” is great because it reminds us that each day is a gift. This is one of many helpful mantras that I like to use to start my day.

2 Head up, Heart Open

If you have suffered a loss, and we all have at some point, then you know how difficult it can be to move through your day. Loss hurts. The effect of the loss can give you terrible heartache; it can jar your emotions and take you so far off track that you slow down and build up walls around your emotions. “Head Up, Heart Open” is a very helpful mantra to use throughout your day. Sometimes simple conversation interaction with people around you requires loads of energy that you don’t have. If you feel this way, take a moment to refocus. These people are not the source of your loss and your days will get better – one moment at a time. This mantra can help us to remember compassion and perspective in times of great loss or stress.


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3 I Am Beautiful

We cannot overstate the importance of loving yourself deeply and wearing your skin with confidence. False and misleading images of beauty are all around us. Billboards, magazines, and online ads are filled with misguided and ill-perceived ideas of beauty. You are beautiful just as you are no matter your size, shape, hair type, skin tone, or planet. Repeat this mantra whenever you have a moment of self-doubt: “I Am Beautiful.” Remember the beauty you are inside and out. Know it. Own it. All. Day. Long.

4 I Choose Happiness

Sometimes we encounter events so challenging that they instantly change our mood and outlook for the day. When you encounter events that have the potential to skew your disposition to the grumpy side, take a moment to repeat this mantra to yourself: “I Choose Happiness.” In fact, when you wake up in the morning use this mantra to not only choose happiness but to declare it! If you encounter further bumps in your day, repeat this mantra whenever necessary. You deserve happiness.

5 I Deserve Greatness

As a hardworking woman, this is one of my favorite mantras for tough times…and any time, come to that. No matter what your job happens to be, if you are also working diligently towards your goals then this mantra is definitely for you! Yes, you deserve greatness. Repeat this mantra every day as often as is necessary, each time the job seems tough or the work seems long enduring. Say it with me: “I Deserve Greatness.” Yes, you absolutely do.

6 Go Slowly, Be Easy

This mantra combines two wonderful concepts - take your time and be kind to yourself. Have you ever been in a cycle of rush, stress, and repeat? For example, you may know the scenario: we have a couple dozen items on our to-do list and the tasks just keep coming. The tasks continue to pile up and our speed increases accordingly. Increasing our pace through tasks is not always a good thing for our mind, body, or work quality. Increasing our speed increases our chance for error and worry. This is a recipe for disaster. Yikes! Instead of barreling through assignments in a stressful rush, take a moment to refocus. Breathe deeply and say this mantra out loud to yourself: “Go Slowly, Be Easy”.

7 Power Not Pressure

We are well aware of the dangers of peer pressure, work pressure, school pressure…too much pressure and stress in general. As the pressure mounts and the sense of urgency increases, we may be compelled to make hasty decisions. If it feels like the walls closing-in, take a deep breath and speak these words: “Power Not Pressure.” This simple mantra is a fantastic reminder to make a decision from a place of power, not from one of pressure.

Times of stress and self-doubt interrupt our pursuit of a full, happy, and healthy life. Take control of it whenever you can. We hope these mantras are helpful for you. Do you have a favorite mantra that you use? Please, share.


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