7 Simple Steps to Banish Negative Thoughts Today ...

If you're a glass half-empty kinda girl, then the good news is that you can take positive steps to banish negative thoughts! Whether you love to moan about the weather, think that your problems are the worst or simply hate your job, there are ways to be more positive, and these steps to banish negative thoughts will help you to be less doom and gloom, more Little Miss Sunshine!

1. Start a Gratitude Journal

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This is one of my favorite steps to banish negative thoughts. You can download gratitude journal apps for your smartphone and write about the things you're grateful for each day - even just spending a few minutes each morning thinking about all the good things in your life will help to banish negativity!

2. Think Positive

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I know, easier said than done, but you can use all kinds of tricks to help you think more positively. Leave yourself positive affirmation post-it notes, or simply be more aware of your negative thoughts, replacing them instantly with positive ones. Look after yourself and treat yourself as you would a friend - if you feel down, tell yourself how great you are and how everything will be okay!

3. Wear Bright Colors

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Color can have a huge impact on our moods - did you know that wearing green can help you to feel healthier and more energised, whilst yellow is associated with freedom and positivity? Wearing a color related to happiness and positivity, such as orange or yellow, can instantly lift your mood and help to banish negative thoughts.

4. Be More Self Aware

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Awareness of your negative thoughts is the first step to banishing them. Some people attend counselling or hypnotherapy to help them work through the reasons behind their negativity, but you can practice self-awareness at home. When you feel negative thoughts coming, get busy; read a book, take a long hot bath or tidy your flat - banish that negativity!

5. Surround Yourself with Positive People

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If you have negative people in your life, you're going to feel low. The friends you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your mood, so make sure you're surrounded by positive people who support you and boost you, rather than dragging you down. Of course, nobody can be positive all the time, but isn't it great to have friends you can laugh with?

6. Make a Change

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A lot of the time, negative thoughts can relate to aspects of your life you're unhappy with - perhaps you hate your job or are fed up with your car breaking down. By turning these negative thoughts into plans for action, you can turn a negative into a positive! If you're unhappy at work, spend your free time looking at new jobs or perhaps a training course at your local college which will allow you to move into a new role! For me, this is one of the best ways to turn negativity into positivity.

7. Treat Yourself

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If you're feeling really gloomy then perhaps it's time to treat yourself. Even a small treat such as a relaxing bath or a cup of tea and your favorite book can help get rid of negative thoughts and leave you feeling happier.

We all get negative thoughts from time to time, but from my personal experience it's a lot easier to get rid of them if you're aware of them! I use a combination of all the above steps when I feel negative, but I would love to hear other people's experiences. So tell me, how do you banish negativity?

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