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Awesome Ways to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing ...

By Bethaya

Looking for some ways to keep your creative juices flowing?
Do you have writer’s block?
Are you struggling to be productive?

Here are some ways to keep your creative juices flowing.

1 Find a Place with Good Energy

This is one of the most important things you need to be productive: a place to be productive in. If you are currently working in an area at home and it’s not working for you, try another room. If that doesn’t help, go to a coffee shop or bookstore. Make sure the location has the desired noise level. It can be really hard to work if the noise level is distracting. However, a place that is too quiet might also be an issue. Finding the right place is one of the best ways to keep your creative juices flowing.

2 Limit Distractions

This is an obvious step but how often do we tell ourselves that we’ll just take a 10-minute break but it turns into an hour? Sometimes the break is so long that we decided we’ve worked enough for the day and the break never ends. There are apps/websites that stop you from using certain sites for a period of time. If you don’t need the internet, turn it off. There’s no point having it there to distract you. Put your phone on do not disturb if you have an iPhone. Twitter and other social media apps can wait. Do not disturb can be set so that it allows calls from your favorites. So no excuses about needing to be available just in case.

3 Jump around

Not literally. If you are stuck on one project, work on a different one. If you can’t get anything new to come to you, use the time to organize your existing notes. Maybe you’ll find something that will help. Brainstorming, in general, can help with writer’s block. You can find a prompt online and write about it. Anything that gets the mind going.

4 Walk Away

Honestly, this doesn’t sound like it should be here, but sometimes the best ideas come when you aren’t even looking for them. I put this one at number four because if you’ve tried the other steps first, this might be the best options for you. Do other creative things. If you are a writer, watch movies or TV shows. Watching people interact might help your mind come up with ideas without stressing yourself out. If you’re an artist, go out into the world. The world is art. Maybe you will run across something inspiring. If you’re a musician, going to a populated area and just listening might do something for you. People make music without even meaning to. Just try something different. You don’t have to listen to music to be inspired to write music. Anything can inspire.

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