33 Rules πŸ“œ to Live by ✌️ for a Happier Life πŸ˜ƒ ...

Life can be hard sometimes. We all have moments we struggle through that make us feel down on life. Seeking help when it is needed should always be done, but sometimes, all we need is a little boost or to set some daily guidelines for us to live by to raise us up to a better place. Collected from people who love life and exude happiness, the following are the rules to live by for a happy life:

1. Appreciate What You Have

2. Listen to Your Inner Voice

3. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

4. Be Understanding

5. Live Simply

6. Eat Healthy

7. Exercise and Meditate

8. Do What You Love

9. Expand Your Comfort Zone

10. Believe in Yourself

11. Travel when Possible

12. Embrace Your β€˜me’ Time

13. Learn from Mistakes

14. See the Positive in Every Situation

15. Cherish Your Loved Ones

16. Be Nice and Show Appreciation

17. Have an Open Mind

18. Be Authentic and Genuine

19. Learn to Accept and Let Go

20. Avoid Overthinking and Worrying

21. Drop the Resentment within

22. Look at Problems as Challenges

23. Visualize Yourself Winning

24. Stop Saying Negative Things to Yourself

25. Find Joy in the Present Moment

26. Read and Watch Things That Inspire Yourself

27. Spend Time Outdoors and in Nature

28. Write down Your Dreams and Goals

29. Get Rid of Things That You Don’t Need, Don’t Use, or Don’t Enjoy

30. Learn to Say No when You Need or Want to

31. Practice Empathy and Compassion

32. Make Time to Take Daily Breaks from Your Phone

33. Say Goodbye to the People That Don’t Bring Positive Energy into Your Life