7 Ways to Feel like an Empowered Woman ...

By Holly

7 Ways to Feel like an Empowered Woman ...

Empowered women aren't all CEOs and celebrities. You can be young and broke, but still feel like an empowered woman. It's all about how you feel on the inside, not about how you present yourself on the outside. Here are a few ways to feel like an empowered woman today:

1 On Your Own

Do you have a problem that needs fixing? Don't run to your boyfriend or father for help. You don't need to rely on them when you're perfectly capable of handling the situation on your own. You're strong enough to handle anything that comes your way, so get it done without them. It'll make you feel empowered, like you can take on the world without any outside help.

2 Go It Alone

Instead of feeling embarrassed when you get stuck going to dinner alone, you should embrace it. Assert your independence by showing that you're not afraid to do things without company. Go to that movie you've been dying to see by your lonesome or try out that new restaurant by yourself. If people stare, smile to show you're proud of your independence, not ashamed.

3 Give Yourself Goals

Whether you want to get a promotion, get a boyfriend, or get a new apartment, you need to set goals so that your dreams become a reality. Every morning, think about what you hope to accomplish that day. They can be teeny tiny goals, but you should be able to think of something. When you do, you'll notice your days becoming more and more productive.

4 Purely Positive

When your boss gives you a ridiculous deadline to meet, don't automatically whine about how you'll never be able to finish your work in time. Instead, sit down and write out a schedule until you make it work. Empowered women are positive. They don't let their circumstances beat them, because they'll find a way to beat the circumstances.

5 Know to Say No

Being an empowered woman doesn't mean that you're superwoman. Even though you're efficient and talented, you don't want to put too much on your plate at one time. That means that you need to know when to say no. If you decide to take on too much at once, you'll cause yourself way too much stress and might not be able to finish everything you promised you'd do in time. It's better to limit yourself.

6 Help out Others

After you're able to take care of yourself, you can start trying to take care of others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, at church, or at an animal shelter. Do whatever you can to give back to the community. Helping others will make you feel more empowered, because you'll know that you're doing some good with your life.

7 What You Want

It's time to focus entirely on your dreams and desires. Forget about your mother's hope that you'll become a doctor. Forget about society's pressure to look a certain way. Think about what YOU want, and forget about everyone else's opinions. If you want to feel empowered, you have to know what you want and go out to get it.

Every single woman on the planet is capable of feeling empowered. We're all strong, but we need to find ways to gather that strength. What do you do to feel empowered?

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