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7 False Stereotypes about What It Means to Be a Lady ...

By Holly

You can consider yourself a lady, even if you put your elbows on the table during dinner and wear short skirts. While the definition of a lady used to be pretty particular, it has changed as the years have gone by. You no longer have to fit into a certain, narrow category in order to be considered prim and proper. Here are a few false stereotypes about what it means to be a lady in the modern world:

1 A Lady Never Raises Her Voice

When you think of a prim and proper lady, you probably imagine a woman who never raises her voice, even in the midst of an argument. However, you shouldn't let yourself get walked over. If someone does you wrong, you have the right to talk back to them and set things straight. Speaking your mind doesn't make you any less of a lady, so feel free to give your frenemy what's coming to them.

2 A Lady Never Makes the First Move

You don't have to wait for your crush to ask you out, because you can get the job done yourself. The same goes for when you're dying for a kiss. You're perfectly capable of leaning in to press your lips against his. A modern lady shouldn't have a problem with making the first move, because she knows that men and women are equal.

3 A Lady Never Reveals Her Age

This is a common belief that makes zero sense. Why should a woman be ashamed of her age? You should be proud to state how old you are. Don't be embarrassed by how long you've been alive on this planet--be proud.

4 A Lady Never Shows Skin

There's nothing wrong with flaunting what you've got. If you're proud of your legs, show them off. If you like your cleavage, then buy some low cut tops. A lady isn't required to be conservative. You can still be elegant while wearing something sexy.

5 A Lady Never Kisses and Tells

While you don't want to be a gossip that no one trusts, there's nothing wrong with telling your closest gal pals about your latest date. That's what they're around for, isn't it? When you have a nice time, you shouldn't keep your stories to yourself. Your man won't mind the bragging you do about him.

6 A Lady Never Drinks

Don't assume that the woman dancing on tables at a bar isn't a lady. Everyone needs to let loose once in a while. Even the most proper women deserve to have some wild fun, so don't judge the strangers you see. You can still be a lady, even if you love to drink.

7 A Lady Never Gets Tattooed

Even though some employers don't want to hire women with tattoos, that seems to be changing. There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself by getting a tattoo or a piercing. It certainly doesn't make you any less of a lady, so don't hesitate to do what will make you happy.

Modern ladies aren't the same as the ladies of the past. The current ones are more powerful, fierce, and fabulous. They aren't afraid to speak their minds and stand up to the men around them. What other stereotypes about being a lady are just plain wrong?

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