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7 Ways to Deal with Someone Who Brags ...

By Alicia

If you are looking for ways to deal with someone who brags, this article can offer you some ideas. It can be very frustrating when you are in a situation where you have to deal with a person like that. These are some strategies that can assist you. You can use one or all of these ways to deal with someone who brags.

1 Back Away

If you are dealing with someone like this, one of the best ways to deal with someone who brags is to back away from them. You can gently make your way out of the conversation and take your exit as a way of dealing. Another way of backing away is to just avoid them altogether. Whether or not you can take this option depends on the position this person holds in your life. Some people are easier to avoid than others.

2 Vent to Others

Venting to others doesn’t make the person who brags any less annoying, but it can be helpful to you. It lets you get that frustration out. Most likely your friends would be happy to let you vent to them. If they know the person, they may even want to vent with you. This is especially a good option if the person you are dealing with is someone you cannot avoid.

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3 Say Something Non-committal

Another way to deal with someone who brags is to say something non-committal. In other words, make a very vague comment. This will hopefully throw them off. It may discourage them from going on since they are probably not getting the response that they are looking for. This is also a kind way to let them know you aren’t impressed.

4 Change the Subject

Another tactic that you can try when you are dealing with a person who brags is to change the subject. This gets you off the topic of whatever they are bragging about. You can bring up many different subjects to talk about. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular. Hopefully this will save you from their bragging and give them a hint.

5 Give Them a Reality Check

This usually isn’t the first option that you want to choose. But sometimes you have just had all the obnoxious bragging that you can stand. If you feel you have tried other options and they aren’t working, this may be the answer. You might want to let the bragger know that their walking three miles daily isn’t that impressive; someone you know walks six. This will usually end the bragging quickly.

6 Act Bored

This one isn’t too hard to accomplish. You generally are bored with you have to deal with someone who brags a lot. You can only listen to so much of that. You may want to break eye contact to let them know they have lost you. You can allow a yawn to escape to give this idea, too.

7 Laugh on the inside

This is a nice, polite option to help you deal with someone who brags. Just laugh on the inside. Use their ridiculous bragging as your humor for the day. It can actually be quite entertaining to listen to someone go on and on about themselves. This is especially true when you know others around you see through them, too.

Dealing with someone who brags can be difficult. What are your tips for this situation? How do you deal?

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