7 Dos and Donts to Remember when You Receive a Compliment ...

By Alicia

7 Dos and Donts to Remember when You Receive a Compliment ...

There are some important dos and don’ts to remember when you receive a compliment. Many people tend to make mistakes when receiving a compliment. It seems like such a simple thing but it's easy to mess up! These are some things to help you respond correctly when you receive a compliment.

Table of contents:

  1. don’t reject the compliment
  2. do smile and say thank you
  3. don’t excuse the compliment away
  4. don’t make a face or roll your eyes
  5. do remember it
  6. do let them know how much it meant to you
  7. do pay it forward

1 Don’t Reject the Compliment

One of the important things to remember when you receive a compliment is to not reject it. Although you may not think about doing this on purpose, it seems to be an almost knee-jerk reaction. Someone compliments you and before you know it, you've rejected the compliment. Rejecting a compliment is a big don’t.

2 Do Smile and Say Thank You

What you really need to do when you receive a compliment is simple: just smile at the person and say thank you. A compliment is a gift. When someone compliments you, they are giving you a gift. Treat it like you do any other gift; smile and say thank you.

3 Don’t Excuse the Compliment Away

If someone gives you a compliment, decide that you are going to accept that you deserve it. Many times people feel they don’t deserve a compliment, so they excuse it away. How? Well, if someone tells you your hairstyle is beautiful, you might say it’s just the new shampoo you are using, or you wouldn’t have such a lovely style if your sister hadn’t taught it to you. Don’t excuse the compliment away; accept it for the gift it is and that you deserve.

4 Don’t Make a Face or Roll Your Eyes

Sometimes the ways that we reject compliments is non-verbal. You could do this by rolling your eyes or making a face. These are big don’ts, too. They are yet another way to say you aren’t deserving of the compliment. This can actually be hurtful to the kind person who paid you the compliment, so work on breaking yourself of this bad habit.

5 Do Remember It

It's nice to file those sweet, lovely compliments away in your memory. When you are feeling down on yourself or unattractive, you can pull them back out. They can serve as a reminder that others do find you altogether wonderful. This can be just the thing you need when you are feeling down. It can actually get you smiling again!

6 Do Let Them Know How Much It Meant to You

If someone’s compliment meant a lot to you, share that with them. It could be that the compliment you received made your day. If so, let the person who gave it to you know. Showing your appreciation is a kind thing to do. It can also encourage that person to give compliments more freely.

7 Do Pay It Forward

Speaking of how good a compliment can make you feel, it's nice to share that feeling! You can do this by paying it forward. Compliment others. The important thing here is to be sincere. Never give a compliment you don’t mean, though, because it always shows. However, if you do have a sincere compliment in mind for someone, share it; it could make their day!

Have you struggled with receiving compliments? It is actually very common to do so. How has this article offered you guidance for the future?

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