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7 Ways to Nurture Friendships That You Should Consider ...

By Corina

It’s important to constantly learn new ways to nurture friendships, since true friends are some of the most important people in your life. They give you strength and courage when you’re down, and they're also there right beside you for laughter and encouragement. Even though some friendships do come easily, others do require a bit of effort and you just have to work a little harder to keep your relationship strong. Here are a few ways to nurture friendships that you should consider:

1 Don’t Call Your Friends Only when You Need Them!

One of the easiest ways to nurture friendships is to make sure that you're proactive in contacting your friends. Don’t call them only when you need something from them! Even if you're extremely busy, make time for them and regularly check on your friends, so they’ll know you're sincere.

2 Don’t Take Friendships for Granted!

Don’t take your friends for granted, because true friends are pretty hard to find and if you don’t value your friendships, they’ll eventually disappear. Just keep in mind that friendship is a choice, not an obligation.


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3 Help Your Friends when They're in Trouble

Always help your friends when they're in trouble. Be there for them when they need you, encourage them and be sympathetic. Just give them a shoulder to lean on when they are feeling down and they will be really grateful for that.

4 Encourage Their Dreams

When your friends are looking for advice or when they're feeling lost, be there for them, listen to what they have to say and encourage their dreams. Show them that you believe in them and in their ability to reach all their goals, and tell them that you know they’ll be able to fulfill all their dreams if they don’t give up.

5 Overlook Their Shortcomings

Try to overlook their shortcomings because we're all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. They might make you angry or they might even disappoint you every now and then, but as difficult as it may be sometimes to overlook a certain thing that they did that upset you, try to accept them as they are with all their qualities and with their flaws.

6 Limit Expectations

Very often, your friends can upset you not because they did something wrong, but because you have some unrealistic expectations in what concerns them. Don’t expect people to behave the way you want them to. People are different and no one can read minds, so if you need something from them, just tell them what that thing is.

7 Be Loyal

Friendships are all about loyalty, so be loyal to your friends in words, actions and thoughts! Take their side when they are right and don’t do anything unfaithful to your friends. Don’t backstab them because you’re jealous of their success! If something they did upset you, just talk to them about it and straighten things out.

In order to keep all your friendships strong, try to actively nurture them. What do you do to nurture your friendships? Do you know any other helpful ways to nurture friendships? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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