An Empath's Guide to Self Care ...


An Empath's Guide to Self Care ...
An Empath's Guide to Self Care ...

The dictionary defines an empath as a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

In simple terms we have psychic abilities and usually can sense and carry other people's energy. One of the most important steps about being an empath is realizing that you actually are one. Then figuring out what kind of spiritual work you are meant to do or develop your abilities.

When you walk into a room you can feel the energies in the room people tend to dump their problems onto you, strangers feel comfortable venting to you, and you usually pay attention. You feel people's pain deeply and need to release those energies to feel better.

We empaths are naturally giving, usually spiritually adjusted, and good listeners.

As empaths we are highly sensitive to others and our surroundings. We are good at sensing people's emotions and finding a way to relate to them.

When empaths absorb stressful emotions and do not take the time to release those emotions, it can trigger panic attacks, depression and anxiety. Most of the time we feel a lot of physical symptoms that doctors cannot explain like extreme fatigue.

Most empaths have a painful story (at least the ones i know) that they have had to overcome and that victory gave them insight to understand and connect with other people's’ pain, especially emotionally. We feel everything, sometimes extremely intensely that we cannot put our feelings into words. Through our intuition, third eye, and crown chakra, we feel the world`s pain and sorrow.

We tend to absorb people’s emotions and carry them around until we feel drained. Sometimes we can't even pinpoint where we carried this energy so we take longer to get rid of it or we just get accustomed to having that load on us. I have learned that as empaths, to better serve the world we have to take care of ourselves. We also need a time and place to release everything we carries throughout the day. Here are some things you can try to start releasing those energies so you can be calm and effective for others who need you and for your own sanity.

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Make Selfcare a Must on Your to-do List

Run yourself a bath, play some soft music, give yourself a full body exfoliation, brew some tea and enjoy. Schedule time to relax and unwind


Clear out the Energy with Sage

Light some sage or other energy clearing incense and release everything you carry inside and outside.


Journal Your Emotions

Sometimes, putting it down on paper allows your mind to literally release that repeating thought. Leave them there on the paper, don't read them over. As a spiritual practice, you can burn the paper to symbolize and accent the release of those feelings


Protect Yourself and Energy

Just because you are an empath does not mean you have to take on everybody's problems. Make a conscious effort to not be sucked into peoples petty drama and little daily issues. Say a protecting prayer that shields you from absorbing everything you feel around you.


Physical Relief

When you feel low and dragged, sometimes you need to shake it off literally. So put on some dance music, start by just tapping your foot, don't stop until you are on your feet shaking what ya mama gave ya. Dance is a great spiritual tool to release tension that we cannot release on our own.


Set Boundaries

As an empath many will think of you when they need help, and disappear when you do because there is this assumption that we are always fine. Set yourself boundaries that remove people from your life that only use or drain you. You do not have to tend to everybody but the ones you choose to cater to, give them your 100% every time.


Meditation and Yoga

Since most of the emotions we feel trigger a thought connected to that emotion. So if you`re feeling low, beaten down and just grouchy, try an activity that allows you to release stress and any mental fussiness. Try yoga, with every stretch, you breathe deeper, releasing all the tension we hold onto. During meditation time, let it go. Vent to your angels, and visualize all that energy lifting off from you permanently.

To be the best helper, we have to feel our best first. And that starts with taking good care of ourselves all the time.

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