The Ultimate to-do List for Every Single Girl ...


Don’t sit around bemoaning the fact that you’re single. Enjoy this time in your life and take advantage of all the fun things you might not think about or consider doing when you’re in a relationship. Build your ultimate to-do list and embrace your singledom.

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Do a Fun Solo Trip

There is nothing more liberating and independent than setting off on your own travel adventure. With nobody else to compromise with, you will be able to do exactly what you have always dreamed of without worrying about other people’s opinions. A great thing to do before you settle down.


Experiment if You Want to!

Near the top of the single girl to-do list is to play the field and experiment if you feel the need to. Whether it’s engaging in a few casual hook ups or even being a little adventurous with the same sex, you are in control of your own body. Just remember to be safe and have fun!


Binge Watch on Netflix

Hey, your single time is your own time, and there is nothing quite like grabbing a bowl of popcorn and settling down for a marathon of a great TV show or a movie set. Assess your options on Netflix, grab your comfiest blanket, and enjoy a few hours of pure entertainment.


Save Your Money

It’s a fact that when you are in a relationship you tend to spend more money, whether on joint purchases, double grocery bills, or general gifts for your other half. You don’t have to be totally frugal at this point, but whilst you’re single you have the opportunity to get some savings together for the future.


You Have the Right to Be Choosey!

Though many trashy sitcoms and reality shows may try to teach you that you are worthless without romantic companionship, do not feel like you have to hurry the process by lowering your standards. The privilege of owning your single life means that you have the power to choose when the right person comes along.


Make the Most of Time with Your Friends

It is natural that once you are in a relationship, your social priorities will change a little. While you will be spending more time with your partner in the future, you can make the most of all the free time you have now by spending it with your friends. Of course, they will still be there for you, but perhaps not with same immediacy as when you are single.


Enjoy the Game

When you are not spoken for, one of the most fun aspects of living the single life is being able to flirt with whom you want, when you want! Flirting can be a fun and cheeky way of interacting with somebody that does not necessarily have to end in a physical romantic conclusion. Take your chance and be a little cheeky; it’s fun!


Be a Little Selfish

Think about it this way, if relationships are all about compromise, then why shouldn’t your single life be all about you? Use this time to do the things that make you and you alone happy. You will have plenty of compromising to do in the future, so make the most of your independent wishes now.



And finally, most importantly of all, feel absolutely no shame about being single in the first place! Strong, long lasting romantic attachments cannot be forced and there is no point in feeling sorry for yourself in the meantime. Embrace your single life; if you are looking for romance, then rest assured that it will come in time. After all, you can’t hurry love!

Are you single? Tell us how you’re making the most of being on your own. Bet you’ve got some great stories?

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Yesss!!! I love it ! I have been single for 2years and I have got to get with it .

Fantastic advice!

O.I.T.N.B. On Netficks!

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