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Your mind and your inner peace with yourself are the only ways to attract happiness, wealth, and success. I don’t care how many infomercials, commercials, or doctors you’ve seen that drill you with the idea that you need to take this or do that in order to be happy or feel successful, the only ways to attract happiness, wealth, and success are through the mind. Here are some ways to attract all three into your life.

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Meditate Every Day

One of the most influential ways to attract happiness, wealth, and success is to meditate for at least 10-15 minutes every single day. There is too much that goes on during your busy schedule so make sure to focus on yourself for a few moments and unwind your mind. Meditation will help you get connected with yourself as well as assist in drowning out all negative outside forces.


Be Confident in What You Want

The Law of Attraction states that you become what you think. If you have very unsettled thoughts you will be delaying your request. Imagine this: you’re at a restaurant and the waitress asks you what you want and you say steak – twenty minutes later you change your mind and ask for chicken. How can you get mad at the waitress for bringing your food to you late if you changed your mind and prolonged the meal's arrival at your table? You simply cannot blame the waitress for your late meal. Moral of the story? Figure out what you want and be confident in your decisions!


Do Not Discourage Yourself

Beating yourself up will only result in negative vibes. The more you kick and slap yourself across the face, the more you will fall down. Feeling discouraged all the time is exhausting, too – how many times have you blamed yourself for something and wanted to just crawl in a hole afterwards out of a pure sense of defeat? Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. Even if you’re going through something tough right now, it will soon pass so focus on the positive!


Release Intentions into the Universe

Ask the Universe what you want and set the intention. Paint a picture of your dream job, your most perfect relationship, your happiest you, and release the intention. If you can see yourself doing what it is that you want to do, you’re already halfway there. Be as specific and detailed as you want. If there are certain things you’re looking for in your future boyfriend/husband, write down the qualities that you’re looking for and claim them to be in your future sweetie!


Create a Dream Board

To assist in releasing intentions into the Universe, create a dream board with as many pictures and quotes as possible pasted all over the board. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Have you had your eyes on the new house in the center of town? Find a picture of a house online that looks exactly like the house you want exactly where you want it and paste it on the board. Make sure to write everything on the board in present tense! Your energy will pick up the vibrations from the Universe that you already made your dream come true!


Connect an Emotion to Your Dream

Remember how I said if you can see it, you can achieve it? Well, attaching an emotion to an image in your mind and an image on your dream board will be the cherry on top of successfully attracting positive things in your life. Emotions are gifts to helping us say yes or no to things. If you can connect the emotion of love, joy, happiness, and success in your future relationship (even if you’re not in one right now), you will be more driven and more assured that your dream will come true.


Express Gratitude Even before You Get Your Wish

Similarly, connect the feeling of gratitude to your dream/wish even before it’s come to fruition. Yes, it’s easier to feel thankful for something after you’ve been given something – but the trick is to focus on the feeling of being thankful as you set your intention. Act and talk as though your desire has already been granted to you. This will make you feel more important, powerful, and successful no matter what!


Believe You Will Receive Your Request

By believing, you will achieve greatness. Is it difficult to believe when days get tough and you feel alone and confused? Absolutely. On days when you feel like giving up or losing faith, surround yourself with positive people, movies, quotes, and songs. Bottom line: if you’re spending too much time with the wrong friends who don’t believe in you, or if you’re spending too much time listening and watching things that only focus on pain and revenge, you will never be able to become successful in your own life. Take out the trash in your life and BELIEVE you will get what you want.


Focus on How Amazing You Are

By releasing the feeling of self-love, you are already on your way to achieving greatness. People who wallow in disappointment are cursing themselves whether they know it or not. The more negative you think each day, the more negative you will see during the course of your day. If, instead, you focus on how amazing and how loved you are, you will begin to feel like you’ve already won the race before even taking off!


Forgive Yourself and Others

Attracting positive things in your life means first letting go of negative things in your life. Without forgiveness of self and of others, you will find it nearly impossible to attract good things. I have a friend who sees everything glass-half-empty and no matter what good that DOES come her way, she is so blind in seeing the good because she is SO focused on the bad. Don’t let a bad mistake, a problem, or someone else’s mistake ruin your chance of happiness, wealth, and success.


Trust Your Gut; do Not over Think

Follow your intuition. Follow your intuition. Did you hear me? Follow your intuition. The expression trust your gut is a powerful saying that encourages us to trust that our inner compass will always point towards the right direction. If something doesn’t FEEL right, don’t do it. And don’t over think, either. If you are monitoring or altering your feelings towards something, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Only do what feels right because whether you like to hear it or not, your gut is always right.

Even if right now you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t know what you want, you do know what you want. Everyone knows what they want but not everyone believes they can get what they want because there is a misconception that life cannot be that easy. But what if life is this easy and the secret all along to happiness, wealth, and success was your own mind? What do you want to manifest in your life?

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